Thursday, April 14, 2022

New Edition of Echo City Capers Jr.

Just received the latest edition of Echo City Capers Jr. from our friends Ralph and Joe!  As you may remember, my children and I are big fans of the Echo City Capers books.  Check out my review on Issues 1-4, on Issues 5 and 6 as well as the Christmas Special, on the first 3 issues and the 4th issue of the Echo City Capers Jr. series, and their Holiday Activities Book #3.  

The new edition is titled "Sometimes I Get..." and it's about a little girl and her feelings.  This book would be a great tool in helping children to understand their feelings, emotions and moods.  Everyone has them, and they can change alarmingly fast sometimes.  Sometimes we know why we feel the way we do, and other times we don't-  But that's ok!  Our moods are constantly changing, it's just part of life.  And let's face it, our emotions and changing moods are what keeps life interesting!  

This book would be a great addition to an Easter Basket, or for summer reading. 

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