Sunday, June 27, 2021

A New Misadventure With Echo City Capers Jr.

I have great news!  Ralph and Joe from Echo City Capers have released a new misadventure in their Jr. series and they've been kind enough to send me a copy for review!  As you may remember from my previous reviews, my children and I are big fans of these books.  Check out my review on Issues 1-4, on Issues 5 and 6 as well as the Christmas Special and on the first 3 issues of the Echo City Capers Jr. series.

The new issue is called "Too Many Bunnies".  When Presto the Magician leaves home to buy a new wand, his two bunny rabbits escape from their cage.  The bunnies multiply quickly, and as they do, they escape out the window and hop into town.  Soon, the town is filled with bunnies, they're everywhere.  People are shocked to see so many rabbits, traffic stops and I'm sure chaos ensues.  Upon seeing all of the bunnies, Nightbat and Presto decide to work together to clear the town of the rabbits.  Do you think they can do it?

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