Thursday, April 18, 2019

Giveaway for The Young Explorers Adventure Climber Retail Value $199.99

We have been invited to share this giveaway from Reviewz & Newz and (the sponsor) Simplay3.  

Enter to win this awesome Young Explorers Adventure Climber!  Retail Value is $199.99!  The climber will be shipped to the winner by the sponsor which is Simplay3.  They are asking to collect the email addresses of the winners (but you can opt out of that if you choose) strictly for promotional email use.  They will only use the email addresses collected to send out promotional offers.  Reviewz & Newz and Westman Reviews are not responsible or liable for the shipment of the climber.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Feeling Homesick

I come from a very large family.  I have four older sisters and four older brothers.  Yes, I am the youngest of 9.  I have always had a very close relationship with all of my siblings.   

The Friend Family:  Standing From Left To Right:  Mary, Zippy, Roy, Richy, Ray, Michelle 
Sitting From Left To Right:  Dad, Mom, Sandy, Karen  
Not Pictured:  Sharon - She couldn't get off of work that day.  Karen and Sharon are identical twins.

They have been my role models and my best friends.  And we always spent a lot of time together with big family dinners, summer camp outs in the back yard, karaoke nights, outdoor summer barbecues, fishing trips and visits to the lake.  Even something as simple as going to the movies or sitting at one of our houses watching TV together.  But now I live far away from them.  And plane tickets for a family of 5 (my husband and I have three children) are just not financially possible for us right now.

I have actually not seen any of my siblings in 11 years.  And it has been 9 years since I last saw my Mom (we lost my Dad in 2005).  My oldest daughter was 9 months old when we moved away, and my other daughter and son were born here.  So they have never met their Aunts and Uncles.  And they don't really remember my Mom.  She last visited here in 2010.  My daughters were 1 year and 2½ years old then and my son wasn't born yet.  That makes me really sad because I love my Mom and all of my brothers and sisters so much.  So I tell the kids all about them and I show them pictures of each of them.  And they get to talk to them on the phone once in a while.  But it isn't the same as actually getting to know them in person.  

Moving was a bit of a shock for me.  I went from seeing at least one or two of my siblings every single day and spending time with them, to not seeing them at all.  And my Mom and I did everything together.  We spent time together every single day.

Holidays are the worst.  For my entire life prior to moving, we had huge family dinners on holidays.  And not just on holidays, we would often get together just because we wanted to.  Especially in the summer.  There was always so much good food at those dinners because each person brought two or three food dishes to share.  And there were so many people because everyone would bring their families.  We would spend the entire day talking, laughing and playing games.  And now it's just my little family of 5 and my husband's parents on holidays.  It always leaves me feeling like there is something missing.

My kids don't even realize how big our family actually is because they have never gotten to experience being around them.  But someday I hope we can change that.  I would love to take them to see the place I grew up and to let them experience those family get togethers.  But until that happens, I will have to settle for telling them all about how it used to be.  

That's what's on my mind today.  Feeling homesick.  I'm not missing the place so much as the people.  As my sister would say:  "I need my family fix" because I am in deep withdrawal from them!  
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

My no fail Hiccup cure

Does your child ever get hiccups that they can't get rid of no matter how hard they try?  When scaring them doesn't work, what should you do?  Some people hold their breath or breathe into a paper bag, but that has never worked for me.  But I have found something that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.  When my kids get hiccups, I give them a glass of water....and I pull on their ears.  Don't laugh.  It really does work.  I don't know how or why, but it does.

I learned about this online somewhere.  I don't remember what I was reading, but a woman was telling about her child having hiccups while traveling.  They were in an airport and a man asked for permission to touch her child's ears in order to cure the hiccups.  She gave permission and within seconds her child's hiccups were gone.  So I tried it the next time one of my kids got them and was really surprised when it worked!  It's the only method we use now.  When one of my kids gets them, they will come and ask me to pull on their ears.  lol

Here's how it is done:

Give your child a glass of water and tell them to drink it slowly and continuously.  While they drink, take hold of their earlobes and gently pull down and release repeatedly (about 6-10 times).  Then pause and see if the hiccups are gone.  If they are not, repeat.

I have always had it work on the first try.  I have even had success with this method without using water.  We were once out walking and didn't have any water with us when Julia got hiccups.  So I told her to just swallow over and over, like she was drinking.  While she did that, I pulled on her ears.  And it worked!  Somehow the swallowing action combines with the ear pulling and eliminates the hiccups.

I know it sounds funny and weird, but give it a try!  You'll be amazed at how effective this method really is.  Let me know if it works for you!   
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Mystery of the Disappearing Pens

I'm a Mom with three kids.  And my kids seem to think that if I have something, then they can take it whenever they want to.  For example, I can not for the life of me keep an ink pen.  I start off with tons of them and I keep them on my desk so I have one within reach when I'm on the computer.

But every time I reach for one, they are all gone.  Where do they all go?  The kids will come and ask to "borrow" one, and I answer, "you can borrow it, but BRING IT BACK."  But they never do.  And when I ask where it is, they always say "I don't know." 

The next thing I know, I'm down to three ink pens on my desk.  So I guard them like a hawk.  One of the kids will borrow one and I watch them to make sure they don't lose it.  I start asking them every two minutes, "Are you done with my pen yet?"  They invariably roll their eyes at me and swear on their cell phones that they will return it.  Then I take my eyes off of them for a second and POOF!  the ink pen is gone.  And no one knows where it went.  So now I'm down to two ink pens.  

So I tell myself that I need to be even more vigilant.  I can't let anymore of my ink pens disappear.  I tell myself that I won't let the kids borrow them anymore.  But they're kids, they like to draw, they like to write.  And it's good for them.  So I can't bring myself to say no when they ask to borrow one.  "MAKE SURE YOU BRING IT BACK!"  I tell them.  And, as usual, they promise.  I resume my eagle eyed surveillance of them.  Each time they put it down, I ask if they are done with it.  "No Mom.  I'm still using it."  is the answer I get.  So I sit and watch them.  And I swear, even with me staring right at them watching that ink pen, it STILL DISAPPEARS!  And now I am down to one ink pen.

So now I am being fanatically possessive of this one lonely ink pen on my desk.  One of the kids comes up and says, "Mom can I..."  "NO!"  I interrupt before they can even ask.  "I only have one pen left.  You can't have it."  

The thing is though, I have absolutely no idea what they do with all of my pens.  Are they eating them?  Where do they go?  I've checked the couch cushions, under the couch, under their beds, and there are no pens.  In fact, we just spent the weekend Spring cleaning.  We cleaned out closets and everything.  But we didn't find any ink pens.  I'm starting to think that there is a portal hole some where in my house that leads to another dimension.  

And guess what?  In the time it took me to write this little story, my last pen has disappeared.  It was right here beside me a second ago.  I didn't even see any of the kids reach over and take it...      
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Choosing a Self Employed Loan

Bill likes to work on cars.  He's really good at it too.  His family and friends are always bringing their vehicles to him when they need something repaired.  So one day Bill gets the bright idea to open his own auto repair shop.  He has a little money saved up and has his own tools, so he thinks starting his own business will be easy.  

So Bill goes out and finds a nice building to house his business in.  He takes the money from his savings and buys it.  Then he discovers he needs to do some renovations.  He needs an area for his customers to wait while he's working on their cars.  There is no space like that in his new building. He needs to install lifts for the vehicles so he can safely and easily do work underneath them.  He needs to install air compressors for the air tools and the electrical wiring needs to be redone.

Bill checks the balance in savings account.  He can afford to do some of the needed renovations, but not all.  So what should he do?  Should he redo the wiring and skip the waiting area and lifts?  People might not want to leave their car with him if there is nowhere for them to wait while he does the simple repairs that do not take long.  And he really needs the lifts because simply using jacks is not as effective.  

Bill considers asking his brother Joe to become a partner and help with the expenses.  But that would mean that Bill would be giving away part of the control of the business.  He doesn't want a partner, even if it is his brother.  So he rejects that idea.  

Then he thinks about applying for a loan.  He's always seeing the ads for various banks offering loans.  In fact, there's a bank right across the street from his garage that advertises on TV all the time.  But what kind of loan should he apply for?  He could mortgage his house, but he doesn't like that idea at all.  And his credit rating isn't exactly perfect.

Then he sees an ad for The Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc.  They are offering a different kind of loan.  It's called a self employed loan and it sounds very appealing to Bill.  He goes to their website and the first thing he sees is "5 Reasons Self Employed Loans Are For You."  

The first reason is that they don't ask for your Bank Statements.  Bill thinks that is nice because he doesn't like the idea of someone seeing all of his financial transactions.  They will still need to see your credit history and tax returns, but that doesn't feel as invasive as giving them a bank statement.

The other reasons listed are quick access to capital (which is needed), a variety of providers, credit building potential (even someone with less than perfect credit can get a self employed loan if they provide enough information showing they will be able to repay the loan...and repaying the loan will improve their credit) and retaining control of the business.  By getting a self employed loan, Bill won't have to take on a partner, and that will allow him to remain in full control of his business.  
After much thought and consideration, Bill applies for a self employed loan.  Once approved, he receives the money he needs to complete the renovations on his garage and starts his auto repair business.             
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Finding A good Personal Injury Attorney

Amy enjoys jogging every morning.  She loves breathing in the fresh morning air while music blasts in her headphones.   But her morning runs have been put on hold for a while because she is recovering from a personal injury.  She was bitten on the leg by a dog during one of her runs and the owner is refusing to help with her medical bills.  
Having a personal injury interferes with every aspect of your life.  You are often unable to work because of your injury, which results in lost wages.  And you can't do the things in your leisure time that you normally do.  For example, Amy will not be able to go on her daily runs until her injury heals.  She just has to sit at home or limp around on crutches when she goes out.  She's not very good at using the crutches.  They hurt her armpits and it uses up too much of her precious energy.   

She is not able to go out dancing with her boyfriend or shopping with her friends.  She can't get up and go for a walk just because she feels like it.  Even grocery shopping is a big inconvenient chore that wears her out.  She has to depend on family members and friends to drive her anywhere she needs to go.  And it leaves her feeling like she doesn't have any independence left.

She had promised to take her niece to the zoo, but now she isn't able to because she has to stay off of her feet.  Seeing the disappointment on that little girl's face just broke her heart.  But she just isn't able to do it.

It's so hot outside.  She looks longingly through the window at the swimming pool in her back yard.  Forget about going swimming.  She can't get her leg wet.  And the pain from the wound is excruciating.  It is swollen and if she isn't careful it could get infected.    

The medical bills just keep piling up.  There's no way she can pay them all when she isn't able to work.  Her insurance doesn't cover everything and she's used up her savings paying her rent, electric and other bills.  All because a woman failed to control her dog.

Amy is tired of being stressed out worrying about how she will pay for everything.  She didn't ask to be bitten by some stranger's dog.  The dog owner should be held accountable for her negligence. 

So now she is searching for a personal injury attorney to help her.  A friend recommended one in California and another friend recommended one in Michigan.  But that doesn't do her much good when she's in Florida.  So she is searching for a local attorney that might be able to help her.

That's when she saw the ad for KFB Law.  They are Personal Injury Attorneys who specializes in cases like hers.  They have more than 50 years of combined experience in cases like this.  And their motto is "We make your problem our problem."  

"That's just what I need," she says to herself.  "An attorney who will do everything in his power to achieve the best possible outcome, just like it says in their philosophy.  I'm going to give them a call and make an appointment."  And that is exactly what she did. 
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Monday, April 8, 2019

New Giveaway for 4 Card Games for Kids from Hoyle

Get your entries in for this giveaway!  We have been invited by our friends at In The Know With JoJo to share this giveaway with our readers.  The United States Playing Card Company (Hoyle) will ship the prize to the winner.  The winner will receive the following card games for kids:  Mixed Emojis, Monkey May I?, Seal Squad and Sharks are Wild.  We are not responsible if the sponsor fails to deliver the prize.  Must be a United States resident to be eligible to win.  Come back daily for more entries! 

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