Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Give your daughter a reminder of your love that she can wear

I received this necklace from AJ's Collection for review.  Returning to school can be really stressful for kids, especially young ones.  And now with the added concerns about Covid19, it's even more stressful.  There are so many changes in the daily school routine in order to comply to the new guidelines that it can leave your child feeling overwhelmed.  Give your daughter a gentle reminder of how much you love her with the My Little Heart necklace.  It has a regular price of $35.00, but right now it is priced at $21.00. 


This is a great gift idea for any Mom, wife, sister, best friend or daughter.  It is a 5/8" round sterling silver pendant that has the name of your choice engraved on it.  It is hung together with a small sterling silver flat backed heart on a sterling silver chain.  The charm is then hand matted to give it a brushed look.  You can specify a name or word (up to 14 characters) that you want it to be personalized with.



You can choose the type of sterling silver chain that you want (ball, box or cable) and the length that you want the chain to be (16", 18", 20", 22" or 24").  Because it is a small pendant, it's perfect for both adults and children.  It would be perfect as a back to school gift for your daughter because every time she looks at it or feels it around her neck, she will be reminded how much you love her.  It's a great way to ease the anxiety that these uncertain times can bring, and she will appreciate the permanent reminder of your love.

A daily motivational planner for weight loss and healthy living

I received this product from Life & Apples for review.  Attending college and living in a dorm is a huge lifestyle change for students.  And it can be easy to lose track of what you're eating and fall into the habit of just grabbing whatever is fast and easy to eat.  Unfortunately, fast food is almost always unhealthy food.  But with The Wellness Planner from Life & Apples, you can avoid all of that.



This is a daily motivational planner for weight loss and healthy living.  It will help you set goals for a healthy lifestyle, provides you with a place for daily gratitude and affirmations, functions as a food journal diary and daily meal planner.  You can use it to keep track of your fitness schedule, track your habits and key health parameters and your weekly progress.  It also has a monthly calendar overview and it's full of inspirational quotes.


This is a premium quality hardcover notebook that measures 5.5" by 8.2".  It covers 90 days and 13 weeks, plus it has a 6 month monthly calendar.  It's made with eco-friendly, vegan materials.  Its pages are 100 gsm thick premium paper and it has an elastic pen holder, an elastic closure band, two bookmarks and a pocket for keeping notes.  It also comes with a sheet of planner stickers.  



It's available in your choice of rose gold or black and is priced at an affordable $24.97.  It's perfect for college age students who are concerned with maintaining healthy eating habits, as well as emotional well being.  And when you order, you will get the ultimate Healthy Eating and Meal Planning e-packet with your new wellness planner!  You'll get exclusive ebooks and downloadable printables including a weekly meal planner, recipes book, shopping list and the complete guide to meal planning.

The Wellness Planner by Life & Apples is guaranteed to create a positive change.  Use the journal daily to stay motivated, accountable and committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Boys love hats and these are perfect for back to school!

I received these products from Twenty5Degrees for review.  In an effort to help restore the tropical seas, they donate 10% of all sales revenue to their non-profit partners to plant mangroves, fight ocean plastic and restore coral reefs. 

The Straw Lifeguard Hat has a retail price of $27.99.  It has a wide brim to protect you from the sun.  It has a natural and sustainable design and is made from 100% straw.  It has a woven wave patch in the front with a drawcord and an adjustable toggle.  One size fits most with a 22.5 inch expandable band.  This is perfect for a fishing hat, beach wear and more.  It's a quality hat with wonderful workmanship at an affordable price. 

The Trucker Hat has a retail price of $19.99.  This hat has a traditional structured front with a mid-crown fit and 6 panel design.  The adjustable snap closure ensures a perfect fit and the polyester mesh backing gives it amazing breathability.  The hat is available in 3 different colors:  navy blue, forest green and black.  They color you choose determines which cause the company will donate the 10% of the money to.  If you choose a navy blue hat, it will go to Support Coral Reef Restoration.  Purchase a forest green hat and it will go towards the Restoration of the Mangrove Forests.  And when you purchase a black hat, it will go towards Fighting Plastic Pollution.

So which hat will you choose?  The Straw Lifeguard Hat or one of the Trucker Hats?  If you can't decide, why not get them all?  You will have a hat to match every outfit and be proud to know you're purchases are helping to restore the tropical seas!

Is it a backpack, or a duffel bag? It's both!

I received this bag from Groovy Guy Gifts for review.  They have a nice selection of travel bags that also make great bags for back to school.  Teen boys, in particular, are not happy with just any backpack or duffel bag.  They want something different, something cool and something that will hold everything that they need.  Something like a backpack that doubles as a duffel bag.

You can purchase the Combat Backpack for $59.99.  This versatile canvas bag with contrasting details is for the guy who likes to venture off the beaten path and make his own way.  It's a duffel bag and a backpack, depending on your needs and how you choose to use it.  This awesome military style duffel backpack has plenty of room to tuck all the things you might ever need into.  You may not be trekking through a jungle like a green beret, but let's face it, school can be wild like a jungle.  And with this bag, you'll feel like you're ready for anything.

This convertible backpack/duffel bag is made of durable cotton canvas and measures 19" x 11" overall.  It has hideaway padded back straps, a hideaway panel pocket for the backpack straps, 2 side pockets with a hidden zipper closure and a front pocket with a carry handle and zipper.  You can even personalize it with up to 3 initials.  Any teen boy would love this bag to carry their books in, to use as a gym bag and to carry everything they could possibly ever need.  They'll be the envy of their classmates!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

These planners make it easy for kids to see time so they can manage it better

School will be starting soon, and kids everywhere are going to have a lot of adjusting to do.  Whether they return to school, or continue with online remote learning, they are really going to need to learn to manage their time.  I received some awesome products from Order Out of Chaos, and I think they will be a big help for students of all ages, elementary school through college.  Read on and you will see what I mean.

Order Out Of Chaos was started by Leslie Josel about 15 years ago.  She was looking for ways to help her son, who was diagnosed with ADHD.  And now this company offers a range of customized products and programs to help parents teach their kids - whether mainstream or with learning issues - how to develop the necessary skills they need to experience success in school and in life.  Some parents struggle to help their children learn how to manage their time and stress less.  Order Out Of Chaos provides you with the tools you and your children need to figure out what works best for you.  They offer coaching services, parent education videos, free downloads on their website, a Facebook group and helpful planners and accessories.

The Academic Planners really help students manage their time better because they can quickly and easily see when assignments are due, when tests are scheduled, after school commitments and free blocks of time.  This lets them plan their study time and homework time when they have no other commitments.  The planners come in both letter size and personal size for $18.99 each.  Until September 20, you can enter the discount code PLANNER20 at checkout for 20% off on planners (the discount is valid on on planners, nothing else on the site).  I received the personal sized planners and they measure 8.25" by 8.5".  You can choose from 3 different colors (plum, teal and black).

The planners are easy to use, with unique subject pages at the front and back where you can list up to 6 subjects.  And because these boxes stick out further than the other pages, you don't have to write the subjects on every page!  And there's plenty of space in the planner to enter all of your school activities (from 8 am through 9 pm), so you'll always know what and you need to do and when you need to do it.  There's even space for weekend activities!

The planner pages line up with the index on a subject by subject basis to make it easy to record and review your weekly schedule.  The days of the week are listed horizontally across the top of the weekly two page calendar layout.  It has a Project Planning Guide, a Study Planning Guide and full page monthly calendars with ample room for notes.  It's based on a school year calendar from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.  There's a vinyl pocket where you can keep notes and slips.  They even take into account that students sometimes change subjects mid-year and include a strip of labels that are custom sized to fit perfectly over the subject boxes.  So just cover an old subject with one of the labels and then write the new subject on it.  No scribbles, no mess!

When you order your Academic Planner, it's a good idea to order the optional Academic Planner Student Sticker Sheet for $4.99 as well.  These stickers help students learn time management in an interactive and hands on way.  What kid doesn't love stickers?  There are 193 custom designed stickers that work specifically with both sizes of planners to make staying on track, on time and on task a lot more fun.  The stickers are easy to peel and apply and fit perfectly on the planner's weekly calendar pages, as well as the individual large monthly calendar pages.  The sticker sheet is 8" x 11" and has 160 "action" stickers and 33 "picture" stickers.  Students can use the colorful stickers to accentuate important dates or activities, or just to brighten up their planner.  The stickers say things like ACTIVITY, PARTY, THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK, APPT, TO DO, NO SCHOOL, REMINDER, EVENT, TEST, WORK, TODAY, CHORES and IMPORTANT.  There are also checkmarks, stars and happy faces!

I also received this great Order Out Of Chaos Erasable Highlighter.  It's priced at $2.99 and this thing is amazing!  Do you remember the frustration you felt when you would accidentally highlight the wrong thing?  And once you highlighted, you couldn't undo it.  Well, with this highlighter, you can!  It features a thermo sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction.  It can be used on books, papers and much more.  The ink is bright yellow and vibrant so it stands out, and it won't damage books or documents.  Make your highlights precise with the chisel tip.  The ink won't smudge and it won't tear the paper when you erase it.  It's great!  No more frustration from highlighting the wrong thing!  Simply erase it and highlight again!