Friday, September 20, 2019

Obliterate grease and grime from your grill with Grilltastic!

I received this product for review.  You can purchase the Sienna Grilltastic grill cleaner from Amazon for $109.99.  It would be a perfect gift for the Grill Master in your family.  They would love to find this waiting under the Christmas tree (or for any gift giving occasion).

The Sienna Grilltastic is the first grill cleaner that produces its own steam.  Most grill cleaners rely on the hot grill to produce the steam needed to effectively clean it.  This means you either have to clean the grill immediately after grilling (when you just want to kick back and take it easy), or you have to heat the grill up again when you are ready to clean it.  But there's no rush with Grilltastic because it makes its own steam with its 1500 watt steam generator.  

With Grilltastic you will be able to obliterate grease and grime because it provides a powerful, continuous and consistent flow of steam while you clean.  And 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria will be eliminated because it sanitizes as it cleans.  You can also purchase an accessory kit that will allow you to use your Grilltastic on many other outdoor surfaces.

Use the attached stainless steel grill brush to scrub the grill while it is blasted with steam.  No more need to use steel wool pads, wire brushes or unsafe toxic chemicals to scrub off those tough spots where food has hardened and built up.  The Grilltastic really does take the work out of cleaning your grill and actually makes it fun to do!

The Sienna Grilltastic is built to last with its precision engineering and optimal construction using only the most durable, rust resistant materials.  You will be able to clean your grill with it for years to come.  And regularly cleaning and sanitizing your grill will also make the grill itself last longer.  So fire up your grill and use it all year long, no need to worry about clean up with the Grilltastic around!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

McNess Wonder Flavor is great for baking.

I received this product from McNess Store for review.  You can purchase this one their website for $10.00.

Wonder Flavor from McNess is a delicious alternative to vanilla.  This blend includes lemon oil, orange oil and vanilla.  Use it as you would vanilla.  and it will give your baked goods a slight citrusy flavor.  it is gluten free and salt free.  With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to try this.  Many people bake tons of cakes, cookies and candy at this time of year, so try a batch with Wonder Flavor instead of vanilla.

McNess home products were created in 1908 by Frank E. Furst and Frederick W. McNess.  They called it the Furst-McNess Company and were based in Freeport, illinois.  Their line-up of home and health products were sold by a salesman known as the “McNess Man”.  The McNess man carried his wares across America by horse and buggy. The “store on wheels” approach later was replaced by automobiles and later saleswomen joined the McNess men to help sell the products.

In late 2015, Furst-McNess Company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Sugar River Trading Company of Belleville, WI to take over the manufacturing and distribution of the McNess home products. The owners of Sugar River Trading had worked with Furst-McNess Company for years prior to this agreement.  They have brought back some of the discontinued McNess products and plan to bring back more of them as they can.

This book is full of ideas for decor, costumes, recipes and more for Halloween!

I received this ebook from Pamela Layton McMurtry (the author of the book) for review.  You can purchase this ebook in the Kindle edition on Amazon or the Nook edition from Barnes & Noble for $9.99.

A Harvest and Halloween Handbook was written by Pamela Layton McMurtry.  It is filled with some of her childhood memories, as well as the traditions and history of Halloween and harvest time.  

Learn about the ancient traditions of Israel's Harvest Celebration (which was a happy, joyous event), and how it turned into the dark, spooky event now known as Halloween.  Ancient Irish records tell us how an entity named Lugh, "The Shining One", introduced unspeakable horrors to his pagan followers.  And learn about the evolution of the Catholic Hallomas.

But this book isn't just a history lesson.  It is also packed with fun new ideas to make your Halloween celebrations the best ever.  There are ideas for party themes and decor (for children as well as adults), as well as costumes, recipes, craft patterns and even complete menus.  You will find party themes ranging from fantasy to religious, so there is something for everyone.  

Looking for a new party game?  There are tons of them in this book, with full instructions on how to play them.  It even gives you ideas for unique handmade invitations and gifts!  

Whether you are just looking for new ideas for decorating your home, or you want to throw the biggest Halloween party your friends and family have ever seen, this book will quickly become your go to resource!    

Monday, September 16, 2019

An intimate gift for that special someone

I received these products from plusOne for review.  plusOne products are available at Walmart.

At plusOne, their motto is that pleasure isn't a luxury, it's for everyone.  And so is plusOne.  plusOne is the first line of affordable, high quality sexual wellness devices that is easily available for purchase at mass retailers nationwide.  They have a wide range of products, so there is something for everyone.  Whether you are looking to make your first purchase, or just want to add to your collection, check them out.

It is very important to keep your toys clean.  These plusOne Toy Cleaning Wipes are made with all natural ingredients and are safe to use on your body as well as your toys.  You get 12 individually wrapped wipes in a box, making it easy to keep them handy at home, or to carry them in your bag for your cleansing needs while traveling.  They contain no paraben or alcohol and are hypoallergenic.  To use, simply open the packet, remove the wipe and gently wipe personal areas and your intimate toys as needed.  Then discard the wipe in the trash (do not flush).  

plusOne Personal Lubricant is perfect to help things along during those intimate moments.  It has a natural, silky feel and will surely increase your pleasure.  It is safe to use on your body and with all of your toys.  It's also easy to clean up and will not stain your sheets!  It is water based and is free from parabens, glycerin, silicone and oils.  Just an FYI:  this product is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms and silicone devices. But it is NOT compatible with polyurethane condoms.

The plusOne Air Pulsing Arouser is for those who want to try something a little different.  It harnesses delicate air pressure to give gentle, yet powerful, stimulation; offering a quite unique sensation.  It is made with body safe materials and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery, giving you hours of fun with just one charge.  Its waterproof exterior makes it easy to clean, and also allows you to use it for some bath time fun.  It has five levels of intensity that gives you gentle air pulsing through air pressure waves, creating an arouser sucking simulation.  It has a low battery indicator and a magnetic USB cable is included. 

The plusOne Vibrating Bullet is the perfect choice whether you are looking for your first toy, or just want a trusty classic.  It is made with body safe materials and has a rechargeable ion lithium battery.  This small but powerful toy will give you hours of fun on a single charge.  With a single button you can explore 10 different vibration settings.  It is fully waterproof, and with its small pocket size and quiet operation, it's perfect to take along with you when you travel.

The plusOne Personal Massager has many uses.  Whether you have a little kink in your neck, or are just feeling a little kinky, this little massager is perfect.  With 10 vibration settings, it packs a powerful punch.  It is fully waterproof, so feel free to use it in the bath or shower.  The rechargeable ion lithium battery will give you up to 4 hours of fun before it needs recharging.  And it will recharge quickly with the included USB cable.

And finally we have the plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager.  It has two motors and two independently vibrating tips, making it very versatile.  it is whisper quiet and super velvety soft, as well as being fully waterproof.  So you can truly use it anywhere!  Comes complete with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will provide up to 3 hours of fun per charge.  it also includes a quick charging USB cable.

All of these products are very reasonably priced.  You don't have to spend a fortune for quality toys.  Visit your local Walmart today and check out the line of toys that plusOne has to offer.

A secret weapon for easily wrapping beautiful gifts!

I received this product from Wrap Buddies for review.

For many of us, wrapping presents is difficult and you end up with a sad looking, sloppily wrapped gift.  But Wrap Buddies makes it so much easier.  Just clip the Wrap Buddies to any table or counter top.  Place the roll of wrapping paper between the Wrap Buddies, adjusting the length to fit the roll.  This will hold the roll of wrapping paper firmly in place, allowing you to easily unroll it, measure it and cut it to the size you need.  

Wrap Buddies also holds a roll of tape so it is easily available as you wrap your gift.  No more searching for the roll each time you need tape.  No more trying to pick up a roll of tape and tear off a piece to use while also trying to hold your paper firmly in place in order to have a neatly wrapped gift.  There is even a built in blade to cut the tape for you, so you can easily do it one handed.  

Wrap Buddies will hold any size roll of any paper.  You can use it to wrap food in aluminum foil or freezer paper as well.  You can even use it to hold a roll of doodle paper for your kids!

Wrap Buddies is available for $20 on Amazon and on their website.  You can choose slate gray or cherry red.