Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This isn't your average beach towel

I received these towels from heYou! for review.  You can purchase them on Amazon for $39.99.

I know it probably seems odd that I am including a beach towel in my Holiday Gift Guide.  But these oversized microfiber beach towels are not your average ordinary beach towels.  It's also a light weight, easily portable travel blanket.  It is reversible, large enough to fit 2 people and it only weighs two pounds.

Often when you are traveling, you get a little cold and wish you had a blanket.  If you are on an airplane, you could ask the attendant for a blanket, but you often have to wait for it to be brought to you.  If you have one of these towels, just unfold it and you're all set!  These are great to take along with you if you are traveling in your own car as well.

If you are spending the holidays on a warm, sunny beach somewhere, these towels are good for that as well.  It even comes with stakes to hold it down so the wind won't blow it away.  It has a carabiner to hold keys or water bottles.  It even has a nice carry strap when it is folded up so it is easy to take it along with you.  But it has yet another surprise!  There is a zippered pocket on each side of it!  It's perfect for hiding your valuables in.

The towels come in 5 different designs and are suitable for men, women, teens or anyone!  Use them at the beach, travelings, picnics, sports events or any outdoor activities.  And if it gets wet, it dries quickly!  So consider giving one of these towels to the outdoor lover on your gift list.      

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