Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Write your wish and wear it on your wrist with Wishbeads

I received these products from Wishbeads for review.  These bracelets are perfect for women, men, children and teens.

Wishbeads was created by Alexa Fischer, who is an actress, coach and motivational speaker.  Alexa is on a quest to give wishes the power they need to become a reality.  She believes that creating something physical around your intentions will help to make it happen.

It works like this:  You visualize something that you really want and write down your wish on a small slip of paper.  Then you tuck that slip of paper that contains your wish into a secret compartment in your Wishbeads bracelet.  Wear your bracelet every day to remind yourself to stay focused on your wish.  If you would like a little extra inspiration and motivation, you can get the free Wishbeads app.

Wishbeads is available as a beaded bracelet.  You can choose from a wide variety of stones, each of which has it's own meaning.  There's Black Onyx for protection and healing, Carnelian for creativity and passion, Labradorite for clarity and imagination, Lapis Lazuli for love and protection and many more.  These are the bracelets that you tuck your wish paper inside of.

You can also get a paper bracelet kit.  This kit has everything you need to make your very own Wishbeads bracelet.  It contains a Signature Bead, writing paper, elastic, Wishbeads pen, Mod Podge glue, Bamboo sticks, scissors and a Wishbead journal. 

To create your bracelet, you need to  write your wish in vivid detail on the writing paper.  Write as if your wish has already come true, using present tense.  The more detail, the better.  You want to fill the paper from top to bottom, so it will be visible when you make your beads.  The more pages you fill, the more beads you can make.  Once you have your wish on paper, hold the first sheet with the words facing you.  Place a bamboo stick at the top edge of the paper (on the same side as the written words).  Slowly roll the paper around the stick, about an inch down, keeping it wound tightly as you go.  Apply a thin strip of glue just below the stick (be careful not to get any glue on the stick itself).  Continue rolling the paper down until you are about an inch from the bottom.  Apply another thin strip of glue and continue rolling to the end.  Next, apply a thin layer of glue all over the paper, smoothing it out with your fingers.  Remove the stick and repeat the entire process with the remaining sheets of wish paper.  

After about 5 minutes, your paper tubes should be dry.  Once dry, use sharp scissors and cut into individual beads about a half an inch long.  You will need to use your fingers to straighten out the ends where it was cut (cutting will smash it together).  Then simply string your beads an the elastic, putting the signature bead in the middle.  Measure it to your wrist to ensure a good fit (wrap it around your wrist a couple of times).  Tie in a knot and wear your wish on your wrist.

And finally we have the Wishwork book.  It guides you through a 21 day journey, encouraging you to achieve your wish.  Each day includes a short passage to read and a small action step to complete.  These bracelets are beautiful, and the concept is very uplifting.  It helps you to keep a postitive attitude while reaching for your dreams. 

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