Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Flavors of the Caribbean

I received these products from Bazodee for review.  It's pronounced "BAH-ZO-DEE" and it means "head over heels in love", which is perfectly fitting because that's how you'll feel about these sauces and marinades once you taste them!  They also have a recipe page with lots of delicious recipes!

Bazodee offers
Caribbean inspired line of beautifully blended pepper sauces and marinades designed to make enhancing your meals quick and easy.  CEO Debra Sandler's mission was to create an all natural, vegan, gluten and preservative free healthy sauce that families feel proud to use!  Bazodee has several different flavors to choose from, but I was lucky enough to get to try their Tasty Tamarind and Real Trini Curry.

Bazodee Tasty Tamarind ($8) is great
as a dipping sauce for fried Indian dishes or as a glaze for meats on the grill or in the oven.  You can also use it as a side with any curry dish.  But be warned, this stuff is so good that you may find yourself craving it in between meals!

Bazodee Real Trini Curry ($11) is a
delicious curry simmer sauce and dip.  Making curry dishes has never been easier or faster.  Whether you are making traditional curry meats, fish or vegetables, or if you just want to add some curry flavor to your dishes, a few tablespoons of this curry sauce will do the trick!  It's full of curry flavor but it's not too spicy.  It will make your taste buds dance and the whole family will love it!Try these sauces and the others that Bazodee offers.  They are so delicious that you may find that you have a new favorite brand.  And with a name that's as fun to say as Bazodee, how can you not love it?!

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