Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Echo City Capers is Back With More Misadventures

Ralph Greco Jr. and Joe Swarctz have just published 3 more issues of Echo City Capers and I'm happy to say that they have sent copies of them to me for review.  My kids and I love these books, and I have been lucky enough to get to review them all.  Check out my review on Issues 1-4 and on Issues 5 and 6 as well as the Christmas Special.

Unlike the previous issues, which were geared toward kids ages 7-12, these new issues are geared towards younger children.  They're titled Echo City Capers Jr.

"The Ballad of Otto the Oak":  This tells the cute story of Otto's first adventure.  Otto is an adorable boy tree who wanted to get up and see the world.  Join him on his journey as he discovers how great the world is.  But he soon comes to realize that home is the greatest place of all.

"U Be U":  This is the story of Noofie, a robot from another planet.  No one wants to be friends with her because she is different, so she leaves on a quest to find a friend.  She lands on Earth and discovers that she is still different from everyone else and despairs that she will never have a friend.  But with a little help from Nightbat, she learns that the best thing about friendship is being able to be yourself.

"Echo City Capers Jr. Coloring & Activity Book #2":  This fun book is filled with pages to color and activities like filling in missing letters, unscrambling words and connect the dots.  Each page features some of the lovable characters from Echo City.  It's the perfect way to keep your little ones busy on a rainy day, during a car ride or any time they are looking for something to do.

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