Thursday, April 14, 2022

Super Cute Easter Basket and Fillers

I received these products from Good Banana for review.  If you're looking for a unique Easter Basket for your child, and some cute surprises to put inside it, let me tell you about these super cute products!

Why settle for a normal Easter Basket when you could give them one of these Shaggy Baggies ($29.99) instead?  These bags are actually totes that can be used long after Easter is over.  They combine the soft, comforting feel of a favorite toy with the utility of a tough carry all bag.  They're available in 6 different styles (Kitty Cat, Cheeseburger, Cupcake, Donut, Pretzel and Rainbow) and can be used for everything from an overnight bag to a beach bag, and everything in between!  They have adorable and ultra soft plush faces, and are made of canvas and nylon for long term durability.  Their measurements vary slightly by style, but they are
approximately 13.5" tall, 14.5" wide, and 4.5" deep, not including the handles.  So you can fit tons of candy, snacks, toys and goodies in there for Easter!


Give your child a challenge with these cute 3D Puzzles ($14.99).  They'll have a hard time putting these handheld, snack themed puzzles down.  There are 3 different styles (Cupcake, S'mores and Cheeseburger) and each style has pieces unique to that shape to keep you guessing—even if you collect them all.  These interlocking 3D puzzles are fun and challenging and even Mom and Dad will love them!

Chalksters ($9.99) make handling those bulky sidewalk chalks easy and comfortable by holding the chalk in a secure grip.  It's available in 5 different styles (Rainbow, Pencil, Robot, Rocket and Unicorn) and each style comes with 3 different pieces of different colored chalk.  The pencil holds 1 chalk at a time and the rest hold up to 3 chalks, making it effortless and mess free for your little to create those sidewalk masterpieces.  

Visit the Good Banana website to purchase these products, and to see the rest of their awesome offerings! 

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