Monday, July 8, 2019

Your Teen or Tween will love the PalmPact FaceCase!

I received this product from PalmPact for review.


The PalmPact FaceCase is a cool makeup compact that attaches to your smartphone with strong velcro strips.  It has a slot in the front where you can store an ID, credit card and some extra cash.  Your teen or tween will love this cool accessory!

Just stick the PalmPact FaceCase to the back of your smartphone using the included adhesive strips and you're all set!  Let's face it, nearly every teen and most tweens have their own phone these days.  And it is never far away from them.  With the PalmPact FaceCase, they can now keep their makeup with them as well.

In the picture above, you can see the slot for the ID, credit card or cash.  Simply slide it into the slot and securely carry it in your pocket or purse.  When you need your ID, or the credit card or cash to pay for something, simply push it up to the top and pull it out.

The compact itself contains a mirror, 4 creamy lip colors that can also be used as a blush, 1 Rose oil conditioning balm/gloss, 1 touch up powder/concealer and one lip brush.  You can customize your lip color by mixing or layering the colors.  Apply the lip conditioner first as a creamy base layer, or last to give your lips a little extra shine.  Dab the touch up powder to your lips to create a lighter look.  Use the conditioning balm throughout the day to combat dry, chapped lips.  And you can use the handle part of the lip brush to apply color as a full coverage lipstick.  

You can coordinate your PalmPact FaceCase Palette with your phone or clothing by choosing the either rose or black case.  You can choose the lighter, more subtle color palette of Natural Nudes or the bolder Rich Nudes color Palette.  The makeup contained in the FaceCase is certified animal cruelty free and the colors have been carefully chosen to be flattering on all skin tones. 

The PalmPact FaceCase retails for $29.95 each, but they are currently on sale for $19.95 each.  You can purchase them on the PalmPact website.    


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