Sunday, July 7, 2019

Complete your back to school look with a pair of these sunglasses!

I received these Horizon 1 sunglasses from Next Horizon Eyewear, LLC for review.

These unisex sports wrap sunglasses come in three different unique lens shapes so you can customize your look and the type of protection you want.  Unlike most other brands, the lenses on the Horizon 1 extend above the frames, in a free flowing forms inspired by nature and the great outdoors.  They were created by the company's founder, Andrew Cochran, who has a passion and love for design and nature. 

The frames are medium adult size.  They are black and are made of a material called Grilamid TR 90 polymer.  It's a low density, strong and flexible material that has a high resistance to UV and chemical damage. 

The three shapes you have to choose from are called Slope, Wave and Mesa.  

The Slope lenses converges in the center with dramatic lines that look powerful and sophisticated.

The Wave lenses rise above the eyes like cresting waves and looks modern, glamorous and intriguing.  

The Mesa lenses provide extra eye protection by arcing over the frame.  The streamlined upper edge gives the illusion that you are moving, even when you are standing still.

Each pair of sunglasses comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses, all of which are the same shape.  You get a set of clear lenses, rose tinted and gray tinted.  The lenses are made of light, strong polycarbonate and is highly resistant to impact.  All lenses offer 100% prorection against ultraviolet rays from the sun and have an anti-scratch coating for durability.  They also have and anti-reflection coating on the inner surface to eliminate glare.

You can purchase all three lens styles of the Horizon 1 sunglasses directly from the Next Horizon site.  The suggested retail price for each style is $89.95.  You can also find them on Amazon. All sunglass order will include the 3 set of interchangeable lenses, a zippered soft carrying case (with belt loops and a clip on the outside and pockets on for lens storage on the inside), a lens cleaning cloth, instructions for changing the lenses and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

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