Tuesday, July 9, 2019

No need to tie your shoes with Caterpy Laces!

I received these products from Caterpy for review.  You can purchase Caterpy Laces from the Caterpy website, Amazon and most major retailers nationwide.  The suggested retail price for the solid color laces is $9.95 and for the laces with designs it is $11.95.

Getting your kids off to school in the mornings can be a hectic experience.  When everyone is in a big rush, you need all of the time savers that you can get.  Caterpy Laces can be one of those time savers by eliminating the time it takes your children to tie their shoes.

Caterpy Laces feature what they call "elastic bump technology".  These stretchy laces are covered with large bumps that are evenly spaced along the length.  If you pull the lace so that it stretches, the bumps will also stretch, which results in them getting smaller.  This allows them to fit through the eyelet holes in your shoes.  

To use these laces, just slip your shoes one and lace up with the Caterpy Laces just like you would with normal laces.  Next, loosen and tighten the laces until your shoes are the most comfortable.  Then just leave the ends hanging or tuck them in to the shoe or the laces.  No need to tie, the bumps will hold the laces secure in the position that you want them in.

By using these elastic laces, you will improve the blood circulation in your feet as they swell throughout the day.  You will be able to slip your shoes on and off without having to readjust the laces, which will save your kids valuable time when they are getting ready for school.      

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