Thursday, June 13, 2019

Turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons with Xpand Laces

I received these laces from Xpand to review.

With these no-tie Xpand shoe laces, you can turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons.  They will work on any kind of shoe, sneaker or boot.  One size fits all, whether it be children's or adult's shoes.  

Just put these laces in your shoes, snug them up the way you want them and use the clips to secure them in place.  You can cut the excess laces off with scissors, just make sure you have the correct length before you trim them.  It's best to start off with them a little loose and then tighten them up as needed.  Put the clip on the outside if you want to have them visible, and on the inside if you want them hidden.  Once the clips are in place you will be able to slip your shoes on and off with ease.

Xpand saves time because you no longer have to tie and untie your shoes.  Your shoes are secure on your feet and are more comfortable because of the adjustable elastic tension.  And they will extend the life of your shoes.  

Xpand is perfect for athletes, Moms, seniors, kids, runners and more.  They are available in over 44 colors and varieties including glow-in-the-dark and reflective laces.  You can easily choose one to fit your needs.

Xpand laces are made with zero memory elastic rubber, which ensures a consistent, comfortable fit throughout the day and during workouts.  The anchor clips are made with fiber reinforced resin, which provides amazing strength and prevents breakage and warping.

You can purchase Xpand laces on their website HERE for $9.99 each.  Enter the code WESTMANREVIEWS and get 20% off on your first order!  There is no expiration date, but the code is valid on your first order only.  

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