Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Take these along with you on your next day trip to the beach!

I received these products from Highwave for review.

This is the Beer/Shot Stein.  Pack it in your cooler when you go to the beach so the stein is nice and cold when you use it.  Pour your ice cold beer into the stein and enjoy the refreshing feeling of drinking a cold one a hot summer day.  But that's not all, flip the beer/shot stein over and you will find a built in shot glass for those times when you need something a little stronger.  The beer stein hold 16 ounces, or 1 pint, and the other side holds a 3 oz. shot.  Made with an all stainless steel double wall, it will keep your beer cold longer.  There is no need for a coaster because this stein will not sweat.  It is perfect to use during your day at the beach, lounging by the pool, while camping or for just a lazy day at home.  You can purchase the beer/shot stein now from the Highwave website HERE for $11.20.

This is the Time Capsule Reusable Bottle.  Made with BPA free materials and vacuum sealed stainless steel, this bottle will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.  For hot drinks, it will keep them hot for up to 12 hours.  It will hold a full 25 oz. of your favorite beverage.  That's a full bottle of wine!  It has a removable carry strap for easy portability, that is carabiner friendly and easy to take along with you.  It will not sweat, so forget the coaster!  It is 11" tall with the cap on and has a hardy rubberized finish that is available in 6 different colors (Blue Silk, Green Silk, Purple Silk, Red Silk, Graphite Silk and Stainless).  You can purchase the Time Capsule Bottle from the Highwave website HERE for $25.00.    


  1. i need both of these items in my life... because wine!

    1. Exactly! And did you notice that it will hold a whole entire bottle of wine?!!!!