Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Get creative with Slimi Cafe

I received these Slimi Cafe products from ORB Toys for review.  They combine two of the most popular kids' toys:  squishies and slimi.  Sounds like a recipe for a big hit with kids, doesn't it?

This is ORB's Soft'N Slo Sqishies in "food" form.  Choose a banana split, lattice topped pie, raspberry square, waffle stack, berry tart, cannoli, s'more brownie, rosette cake, cheesecake slice or a donut stack and mix and match the toppings to create your own unique "treat".  Just remember, no matter how yummy your creation looks, it is NOT food! 

There are several different toppings to choose from.  Jameez is available in bluebellicious, bluerazzleberry and strawbellicious.  Jameez is stretchable and can be used as a "filling" in your squishie creation.

Swirleez is available in razzleberry, lemonitwist and grapify.  Watch it melt and twist as you drizzle it over the specially formulated ORB Soft'N Slo Squishie.

Fluffiwhips is available in minteriffic, veriberry and tangerini.  This whipped topping is shapeable and you can use a decorative dollop on top of your squishie "dessert".

Drizzlerz is available in appleicious, melonade and starberry.  It is the stretchy jelly glaze you can use to cover your squishie creation. 

These toppings are very colorful, letting you create eye catching masterpieces.  Once you have them put together, it's super fun to squeeze and squish them with your hands and between your fingers.  When you are done playing with them, take them apart and create new creations.  Everything easily comes apart.  The slimi cafe toppings are unique from other slime because they separate easily for endless hours of fun.

ORB Slimi Cafe products are available at most major retailers nationwide, including Walmart and Target.  They are recommended for ages 8 and up and have a suggested retail price of $9.99.  

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