Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Organic skin care products from Skin Nation

I received these products from Skin Nation to review.  These organic skin care products are brought to you by the soap star Michelle Stafford, who is a two time Emmy winner and the Beauty Host of Extra.  After her sister was diagnosed with stage 3-breast cancer, Michelle began researching the chemicals in products we use.  She discovered that most products contain harmful toxins and began her mission to create products that are all natural and organic.  The products she offers through Skin Nation are the result of months of creating and testing products on herself until she was satisfied with the excellence of her creations.  You can purchase these products from the Skin Nation website or from Amazon. 

These Skin Nation products for men would be great Father's Day presents.  The Clean Face Wash is loaded with charcoal which, according to studies, effectively purifies the skin and cleans away oil, grit, sweat and bacteria.  It leaves your face clean and fresh, and it does it the safe and natural way.  The suggested retail price for the Clean Face Wash is $26.95.

The Revive After Shave Splash is soothing and powerfully energizing, leaving your skin kissably smooth.  Made with ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice, organic lavender water and tea tree essential oil;  it will leave your skin feeling manly and smelling great.  The suggested retail price for the Revive After Shave Splash is $25.95.


The Love Body Lotion is made with high concentrations of tropical oils for smooth and rich emulsification.  The organic plant, flower and nut oils seal in the moisture, restoring the vitality and elasticity to all skin types.  One ingredient, the Kukui Nut Oil, is a natural moisturizer that has been used in Hawaii for centuries to protect the skin from the sun, wind and salt.  It is also used to sooth minor skin irritations, wounds and burns.  The suggested retail price of Love Body Lotion is $29.95.

Cuckoo For Coconuts is a 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil for your face, body and hair.  It is gentle and hydrating for all skin types and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal with a natural SPF 4.  It effectively removes makeup and clears pores of residual dirt without drying your skin.  And you can use it anywhere!  A little goes a long way because it melts on your skin and spreads easily, penetrating layers of skin and restoring natural collagen.  It restores the youthful texture of your skin.  And when used as a hair treatment, it penetrates each strand and leaves your hair soft and shiny.  It also promotes healthy hair growth.  The suggested retail price for Cuckoo For Coconuts is $20.95.

All of these products are amazing.  My husband and I both love them.  I have noticed a definite improvement in the condition and feel of my skin since I began using the Love Body Lotion and Cuckoo For Coconuts.  And the skin on my husband's face is smooth and sexy since he began using the Clean Face Wash and Revive After Shave Splash.

If you think you might be interested in trying these products (which I highly recommend!), then keep watching for our next giveaway.  The nice people at Skin Nation have kindly offered these products for us to do a giveaway for our readers.  More details coming soon!


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