Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Gifts to Pamper Mom and Dad

I received these products for review.  With both Mother's Day and Father's Day fast approaching, I wanted to pass along some awesome gift ideas that will make Mom and Dad feel pampered on their special days.  

First, a few suggestions for Mother's Day gifts:

These Lightening Pads ($109) from FormRX will help lighten any dark discoloration in your skin.  Say goodbye to those freckles that you hate, the liver spots that come with age or any pigmented areas that you would rather be rid of!  FormRX Lightening Pads will correct uneven skin tone and lighten any pigmented areas, leaving behind a healthy glow.  It uses a proprietary formula to effectively penetrate and deliver aggressive results that visibly fade pigmented skin.  It is effective on sun spots, freckles, some forms of melasma and other skin discoloration.  Not only does it treat these areas, it also helps prohibit the formation of new discoloration and pigment.  You'll love your new healthy and radiant complexion!

Formation ($26.95) from Davroe is truly the ultimate styling product. 
This unique and versatile styling lotion contains conditioning agents that will leave your hair in optimum condition.  It's perfect for all hair types and it's great for strong curl definition.  It combines shaping lotion, conditioning agents and styling agents to leave the hair soft, smooth and easy to comb.  Your hair will be more manageable so you can achieve any hairstyle that you desire!

These Shea Butters ($8-$18) from Somebody would actually work for both Mom and Dad!  It's available in your choice of 1 oz or 3.5 oz and there are five scents to choose from (Woodland Fog, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Original Unscented).  This powerfully nourishing daily moisturizer will help to regenerate damaged skin, soften and hydrate dry skin, and protect healing or sensitive areas.  It contains fatty acids that help to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.  It works great for rashes, scars, stretch marks, small wounds, sunburns and even peeling cuticles!  Somebody ethically harvest their shea butter kernels in Ghana and the butters are manufactured in the USA.  And 10% of their profits are donated to initiatives run by the Global Shea Alliance.

Your Dad will love this Barrel & Oak Hair, Face and Body All in One Wash, Bourbon Cedar ($14).  Refresh your face, body and hair with just this one effective formula.  This balanced cleanser removes dirt and grime without leaving your skin dry or oily.  And because this multifunctional wash does it all, it's all you need.  Speed up your shower time and be invigorated by this awesome natural fragrance that's handcrafted with essential oils.  It contains organic White Birch Extract to purify your skin for balanced cleansing, and Brazilian Yerba Mate Extract to energize your skin for a refreshing experience and Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) to hydrate and smooth your hair and beard.  There are no parabens, no phthalates, no SLS and no silicones.

Mom and Dad deserve to be pampered, and these products are all excellent ways to do that!

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