Thursday, April 14, 2022

Must Haves For Summer Fun

I received these products from Waboba for review.  With summer nearly here, this is the perfect time to bring these cool outdoor games to your attention.  Whether you spend your summers at the beach, poolside, camping or just in your backyard, your family will have a blast with these products.

Voli Paddle Game Set ($24.99) is a high energy, action packed paddle game that your family will absolutely love!  Think Volley Ball combined with Tennis or Paddle Ball.  You don't need a net or court, just the wearable paddles (the set comes with 2) and the Waboba Flyer Shuttlecock (also included in the set).  The paddles fit like a glove, but hits like a racket.  Be warned though, it's quite a workout!  You'll be running, jumping and diving as you try to keep the shuttlecock in the air and hit it back to your opponent.

The Rewild Paddle Set ($19.99) is another great game for the beach (or anywhere outdoors).  This eco-friendly set comes with 2 paddles and 1 ball.  The paddles are sustainably made from pinewood and basswood trees, and the cork ball is naturally made from the skin of oak trees.  The paddles feature a hole where the cork ball fits perfectly for storage and easy transportation.

If you're in the mood for a good old fashioned game of beach volleyball, this Classic Beach Volleyball ($15.99) is what you need.  You can choose from 3 different beautiful prints (Surfin' Santa Fe, Sea Shell and Beach Umbrella) that were created by artist Chris Kemp to represent that summer feeling.  This ball has a
waterproof skin and a non-slip grip, making it perfect for beach or poolside play.  It also has a rubber bladder with a lycra/spandex cover.

The Wingman Silicone Flying Disc ($6.99) is a foldable, 6" silicone flying disc with a unique aerodynamic design that lets it fly over 130 feet! Because it's made of silicone, you can squish it in your hand, or fold it and put it in your pocket.  It won't hurt your hand when you catch it because it isn't rigid, it's soft and flexible. It takes up virtually no space for storage and it's easily carried with you when you're on the go.  It's even safe for indoor play!

The Moon Ball ($7.99) is an amazing hyper bouncy ball.  It's perfect to play with anywhere you have a hard surface to bounce it on.  It's covered in
"craters" that make an incredible "pop" sound when it bounces.  You'll find this ball to be super addictive.  You can choose from 4 colors (yellow, blue, green or purple).

The REWILD 6" Football ($14.99) is part of the eco-friendly natural collection of beach toys.  It's made from the jute plant and rubber tree, so it's both sustainable and renewable.  Plus, 10% of the proceeds are donated to support various initiatives that are dedicated to protecting and restoring the environment.  Do not play with this ball on concrete or other hard surfaces because those hard surfaces will damage the natural fibers.  But it's perfect for beach and backyard games.

Visit the Waboba website to see their full selection of outdoor fun!

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