Monday, April 25, 2022

Perfect For The Dad Who Loves Fishing

I received these products from MONSTERBASS for review.  If your Dad loves to fish, I've got the perfect gift idea for Father's Day!

MONSTERBASS is a subscription service for fisherman.  You tell them where you live, where you go to fish, whether you prefer fishing from a boat or the shore (or both) and your skill level and they will put together the perfect box for you.  If you have any favorite baits, let them know.  Their monthly subscription boxes cost from $25 - $35 per month and you can change it up, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.  
Let me tell you about some of the products that you may receive in your box:

The B8Lab Fyre Shad is for catching big fish and cashing even bigger checks after weigh in.  With its strong vibrations and irresistible action, this elongated crank generates trophy caliber results year round.  It measures just over 3.5 inches and can move loads of water – even on a slow retrieve – which generates strong under water vibrations that spark lunkers to bite.  It’s a great way to take your bass game to the next level!


The MONSTERBASS Tournament Series Tungsten Football Jig is designed for deep water jig fishing.  The tungsten compound head is 32% harder than lead and it's extremely sensitive.  The hand tied skirt is produced from super soft, fine cut material and provides unmistakeable life like action.  This jig is 3/8 oz. lead free, with a 97% pure tungsten football jig head.  The tungsten head is 30% smaller and harder than lead.  It resists snagging, while providing an excellent feel.  The SR-40 silicone skirt is ultra fine cut and ultra soft.  It has a 10 strand hand glued weed guard and a custom Mustad hook.

The SteelShad ½ oz. Double Willow Bladed Spinner Bait has a heavy duty 4/0 size hook, high quality paint, black eyes and a bright skirt.  It has ball bearing swivels and two willow blades.  These spinners produce lots of action.  The painted head is 1" long and the total length, including the white skirt, is 3".

Strike King has teamed up with Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie, to bring you a high end line of crappie baits called the Mr. Crappie Joker.  It features a solid body with 3 appendages that look a lot like a joker's hat.  A small ball on the end of each appendage increases their action.  It will draw crappie out of their cover and on to the end of your line. 

MONSTERBASS also carries many other types of baits, tackle, accessories and apparel available on their store page.  You can browse and select fishing gear of your own choice if you prefer that over the sunscription box.  Either way, you'll find tons of awesome products that will help you to become a more successful fisherman, no matter where you choose to fish!


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