Saturday, December 4, 2021

Comfy Bodyshaper Leggings

I received this product from FarmaCell for review.  They offer stylish, comfortable and high quality clothing that's made in Italy.

These Bodyshaper+ High Waist Leggings will have you looking firmer and slimmer.  From the new and innovative Bodyshaper+
Collection, these leggings will help fight the unsightly appearance of cellulite while providing an instant shaping effect.  They are made with NILIT INNERGY yarn, a fiber which absorbs human heat and reflects it as infrared rays.  These infrared rays are not detrimental to your health.  They're actually an effective way to treat the unsightly appearance of cellulite because they generate heat.  Heat dissolves fat deposits and reactivates skin circulation, resulting in the reduction of the "orange peel" effect.  Wearing products in NILIT INNERGY yarn also helps to reduce fat mass, thigh circumference and buttocks.

These leggings have a high waist that you can fold over.  They are super comfortable and you'll look great wearing them.  They use the infrared rays to delicately warm the deepest layers of your skin.  Your body will be reinvigorated and the unsightly effects caused by cellulite and fatty tissues will be greatly reduced.

After wearing these leggings, you will notice that your skin is more elastic, firmer and smoother.  Cellulite will be less visible and your body will look much more shapely.  These leggings even have a
nti-odor properties, so you can do a strenuous workout or go for a jog without worrying about the odor of perspiration.  

These leggings are great to wear for exercising or just lounging around the house.  They are available in sizes ranging from S-5XL, so anyone can wear them.  They're great for gift giving as well!

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