Monday, December 6, 2021

High Quality, Delicious Wine

I received these products from Wine Insiders for review.  If you like a good glass of wine with your meal, or to simply relax with after a long day, I'm sure you understand the frustrations of trying to buy a good wine at an affordable price.  Most grocery stores have a wine section, but there's no information to help you choose one that has a great flavor and that's high quality.  And most of the online sites require you to join their wine club with a lot of hidden fees and no freedom of choice because they choose your bottles for you.  But Wine Insiders was created to help you avoid that problem.

With Wine Insiders, you can shop their curated packs, or single bottles of your choice.  You can consult their tasting notes and customer reviews to help you select the wine you want, and your order will be delivered directly to your door or to a convenient pickup location.  They even have free shipping on orders of 6+ bottles!  They offer 40 varieties from 15 top wine regions in the world.  They partner with esteemed wineries in prestigious regions, cutting out the markups to lower prices, and delivering favorite wines directly to you.  Here are some examples of their amazing selections:

2020 Bernard Magrez Chardonnay (Traditional Retail Price $24.99, Wine Insiders Price $19.99): 
This dry and well balanced French White Chardonnay offers a lively palate with voluptuous fruit aromas.  Yellow apple and citrus are accented with fresh minerality, expressing the typicity of the terroir.  It's made from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown on clay limestone soil in Pays d'Oc, France.  It's produced by famed Bordeaux wine magnate Bernard Magrez, benefitting from his illustrious French wine making traditions and more than 40 years of experience.  You'll enjoy Magrez’s signature style in wines crafted from carefully selected grapes from the finest vineyards across France.  Serve chilled alongside white meats, seasonal vegetables and seafood.

2020 L'Arca Orvieto Classico D.O.C. (Traditional Retail Price $19.99, Wine Insiders Price $16.99):  This
elegant and refreshing Italian White is a blend of three native Italian grapes.  It opens with an enticing floral bouquet of green fruits and citrus aromas and the flavor offers an elegant, soft, fresh style with a hint of almond on the finish.  Crafted in Central Italy’s Umbria wine region, it takes its name from the fortified town of Orvieto.  The Classico appellation is given only to Orvieto wine produced in the classic production area characterized by tufa, limestone and volcanic soil.  The L'Arca line of wines is from fourth generation winemaker Piergiorgio Castellani, whose devotion to wine is evident in the location of his home - located in the center of his organic vineyard, where he can feel close to the land that nurtures his wines.  His family has been exporting estate wines since 1903, crafting traditional wines that have been adored for generations, while embracing the latest wine making innovations.  L'Arca wines are the culmination of two decades of research and hard work by Piergiorgio to revive and spread classic Italian wine varietals that were previously in danger of extinction.  Best served chilled, this white blend is a delicious complement to appetizers, fish courses and light meals. 

2020 De La Rougerie Sauvignon Blanc (Traditional Retail Price $19.99, Wine Insiders Price $16.99):  From the South of France, this Sauvignon is a crisp and approachable white wine showcasing the varietal in its purest form.  This is the latest vintage and a fantastic follow up to the gold medal winning 2019 De La Rougerie Sauvignon Blanc.  Vibrant and full of flavor, this wine expresses citrus notes accompanied by green apple and subtle hints of exotic fruits.  Influences from the region’s terroir impart minerality and floral touches on the palate, which leaves a deliciously thirst quenching finish.  The De La Rougerie collection is a tribute to winemaker Benoit Calvet's ancestor, Madame de la Rougerie, who embodied elegance, curiosity and flair.  This award winning line of wines shares these same characteristics, carefully crafted from grapes grown in Pays d’Oc.  Vineyards are planted in rich soils nourished by the warm sun and refreshing breezes from the Mediterranean Sea.  Best served chilled, this is the refreshing answer to a warm day.  Enjoy it on its own or alongside soft cheeses, baked fish, grilled zucchini, fried chicken and pea soup.

2020 Pierofosco Sangiovese di Toscana I.G.T. (Traditional Retail Price $21.99, Wine Insiders Price $17.99):  Explore plump and approachable flavor with this dry, fruit forward red wine from Tuscany, Italy.  Intensely red in the glass, this classic Sangiovese brims with aromas of tangy cherry met with savory bacon.  Pleasantly fruity and well balanced, the palate exhibits juicy flavor notes of dark fruit and plums, underscored by rounded tannins for a long and pleasing finish.  Tuscany’s signature red grape, Sangiovese is one of the most widely planted varieties in all of Italy.  Prized for its high acid, balanced character and sturdy nature, it has become a key ingredient in modern blends known as “Super Tuscans.”  Best served slightly chilled, it's great for sipping on its own and pairs well with a variety of foods.  Because of its generous tannins, this wine makes a great companion for rich dishes like braised pork ragu, lamb chops, cured sausages and hard cheeses.

2019 Cuvée Dissenay Syrah-Grenache (Traditional Retail Price $24.99, Wine Insiders Price $15.99):  This Blend is crafted in Southeastern France and benefits from the regions idyllic conditions suited to producing ripe, balanced and healthy grapes.  Intense aromas of ripe red strawberry and blackberry are met with hints of black pepper and dried herbs.  This wine is rich and concentrated on the palate, with velvety tannins and a nice sweetness.  Enjoy with cheesy pizza, grilled Mediterranean vegetables or traditional lasagna.

2019 Cala De' Poeti Chianti D.O.C.G. (Traditional Retail Price $19.99, Wine Insiders Price $17.99):  Following in the footsteps of its gold medal winning predecessor, the 2019 vintage of this fan favorite Chianti is set to impress.  Combining his love of wine with his love of art, fourth generation Piergiorgio Castellani had an actual painting from his family’s ancient estate reproduced as the label you see here.  This Chianti is a deliciously classic take on the style.  It's bursting with youthful, zippy, red cherry character (all thanks to Chianti’s lead grape, Sangiovese), edged by firm tannins and that trademark “dusty” note that makes Chianti so easy to drink.  Serve this with standard Italian fare (Bolognese over rigatoni, marinara with angel hair, meaty flatbreads) or even roast beef.

These wines are a wonderful addition to you Holiday entertaining events and celebrations.  They're also great for gift giving as well.

Please drink responsibly.

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