Friday, November 19, 2021

Protect Your Bed and Furniture With The Layer

I received this product for review.  

The Layer ($69) is a 100% waterproof blanket that's designed to protect you and your bed from the dreaded "wet spot" that results from intimacy.  But it has other uses as well!  It's great for when you get your monthly visitor, or if you have bed wetting children.  

Made with extraordinarily absorbent, thin, soft, organic, cotton fleece on one side and a waterproof shield on the other, this is an absolute essential to have on hand.  It's super thin, but it is so incredibly absorbent.

40" in diameter and being so thin, it folds up compactly, small enough to fit in Travel Clutch that you can purchase separately.  This makes it easy to discreetly bring with you on vacation to hotels, airbnb stays, when visiting family, camping, on van trips or anywhere.  It won't slip and slide around on the bed, and it's completely silent as well!

The Layer is easy to clean, it's both washer and dryer safe.  But if you prefer not to put it in the dryer, you can hang it to dry.  You'll love The Layer because it means you'll never have to sleep in a wet spot again!

In addition to The Layer website, you can also purchase it on Amazon

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