Sunday, November 21, 2021

A Deck of Cards For Word Game Lovers

I received this product from The Final Word for review.  This is the perfect gift for those who love both card games and word games, because it combines both!

The Final Word ($29) is a 120 card deck that is actually multiple games in one.  It's family friendly, portable and challenging, making it perfect for family game night!  It's a 2017 (Edison Nation) Best Toys and Games finalist that can be a totally new game each time you play it.  You can download a pdf of the different games and rules from their website.  Here is a brief description taken from the website of a few of those games:

Split Run – Words are split and played simultaneously

Last Man Standing – Last letter from last word played must be first letter of new word

Leftovers – Players “take” from the board to affect players’ point scores

Turn Over – Card from unused deck must be used in players’ words

Real Value – Each score is based on the number of cards in each word plus the value of the highest card in that word

The great thing about these cards is that these games are easy to learn and some of them can be played solo, while others can be played with up to six players.  Whether you're alone or in a group, you can always find an awesomely fun game to play.  Great for travel or at home.  This would be a wonderful stocking stuffer or Christmas gift. 

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