Monday, November 22, 2021

Cats Living In Style

I received this product from Cat Box Classics for review.  These cardboard cat houses are designed for cats, but they're styled for people.  Printed with cat safe soy based ink, they come in several different beautiful and awesome designs.  And each cat house comes with a built in scratcher!  Choose between the Furry Masterpiece box (which has a different classical work of art printed on each side of the box:  The Mona Lisa, the Scream, The Creation of David, American Gothic and Starry Night), Perfect Oasis, Meow Yellow and Kitty Jungle.  All of these look wonderful and stylish.

The Kitty Jungle Cat House With Scratcher (regularly $29.99, currently $24.99) will unleash your cat's inner jungle cat.  This Cat House gives your cat a healthier and more beautiful place to scratch, play and sleep. 

Each Cat House includes a scratching pad that's durable, reversible and made only with non-toxic glues.  The enclosed but airy design helps reflect your cat's own body heat back on itself, to help keep them warm, secure and cozy while napping.  It even
comes with a little packet of catnip!

It has multiple play holes that are strategically placed to facilitate play between you and your cat as well as between multiple cats.  You cat (or cats) will be able to survey its surroundings, pounce on "prey" and enjoy hours of play.

Each box is made of corrugated cardboard and, when assembled, measures 14" square. There are various sized holes scattered on each side including 4.5'' play holes, 2'' peep hole and a 10'' high entrance.  Your cat will love his new house, and you will love watching him enjoy it!

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