Friday, November 19, 2021

Olive Boat and Pit Port

I received this product for review.

Do you love olives or cherries, but hate seeing a messy stack of pits on your plate?  Not only is it unsightly, those pits usually stick to everything and get spread out all over your plate.  And no one wants that, especially when you're entertaining guests.  Well, you can solve this problem with one convenient, tidy serving dish.

The Olive Boat & Pit Port Serving Dish ($29.95) is an elegant two piece porcelain ensemble that lets you serve olives in a beautiful display, while the
cone shaped pit port keeps the unsightly pits hidden.

The pit port keeps the pits contained as you or your guest enjoys their delicious snack.  Once finished, it's super easy to clean.  Simply lift the pit port and scrape the pits into the trash.  The Olive Boat and Pit Port is completely microwave and dishwasher safe.  And at 7" in diameter, it's the perfect size to hold an average of 30-60 olives, depending on their size.

This is a perfect gift idea for many occasions, from housewarming gifts to Christmas Gifts.  You can purchase The Olive Boat & Pit Port from The Grommet, Target, Amazon and

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