Friday, November 19, 2021

A New Kind of Building Toy

I received this product from Clixo for review.

This is the Clixo Crew Pack ($44.99).  What exactly is Clixo you ask?  It's a new kind of building block
for kids 4 and over.  That doesn't meanthat Clixo is just for your little ones... kids of all ages love them, even adults who are kids at heart!   Clixo combines origami, building blocks and magnets in a flexible play system which kids can play and create with anywhere. The pieces are free form shaped and you simply click them together to create brilliant 3D masterpieces.

You can build anything that you can imagine - bunnies, airplanes, balls, robots... practically anything! They're thin and flexible, allowing you to create rounded edges. And they're small and compact, taking up little room for storage. They're easy to clean up, just stack and pack, and you can build with them anywhere because they don't require a flat surface to build on! And the best part? If your kids leave them in the floor and you step on them, it doesn't hurt your feet!

The Crew Pack contains 28 pieces and 2 cool spinners to add a fun twist, allowing you to bring bigger, bolder ideas to life.  You can create anything from pinwheels to propellers, the possibilities are endless!  There are three different color options to choose from and you can purchase multiples to build on your pack.  The more Clixos you have, the bigger your masterpiece can be!  And if you have multiple colors, then those masterpieces will look even more awesome!

You can even get free ideas, tips and tricks for your builds from the Challenges Page on the Clixo website!  It will show you how to build lots of different things, and even classifies them as Easy (like a Bracelet), Medium (like a Yellow Submarine) or Hard (like a Wiener Dog).  Be warned though, once you start building with Clixo, you might find it hard to stop!

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