Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Dad Will Love This Must Have For Summer

I received this product from the Pool Punisher for review.  This thing will bring the kid out in anyone, and any Dad would be thrilled to receive this for Father's Day.  But be warned, he might want to start a water "war", so you really should consider getting one for yourself as well!  This is a must have for summer that the whole family will enjoy!

This ultimate water toy can be used in all bodies of water, so whether you're swimming in a pool, lake or ocean, you can take the Pool Punisher along with you.  It's designed in the USA and crafted to the highest standards using the most durable vinyl.  It's built to last and stand up to the toughest play.

When you insert the pump action squirt cannon before you inflate the toy, it becomes the first ever tank with a built in water cannon that will blast a stream of water over 50 feet!  This summer toy is huge and measures 61” x 44” x 24”.  You paddle it with your feet, while your hands are free to operate the water cannon.  And since the water cannon gets its water directly from the body of water that it's floating in, you never have to worry about running out of "ammunition"!

Your whole family and your friends will enjoy battling it out in your own little water war.  That's what makes this toy so great, everyone can use it and kids, teens and adults can all blast each other with water.  Or you can stalk your loved one as they float lazily in the water and surprise them with a blast from your water cannon!  The Pool Punisher provides hours of fun for everyone!

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