Thursday, March 25, 2021

Rehabilitate Your Hair With Hot Tresses

I received these products from Hot Tresses for review.

Harsh hair styling products, blow dryers, curling irons, hair extensions and dying your hair can wreak havoc and take its toll.  It can leave your hair dull, listless and damaged.  But Hot Tresses can help you rehabilitate your hair and make it shiny, healthy and full once again.

Your hair can be shiny and healthy once again, with the help of Hot Tresses Sulfate Free Shampoo, Intensive Hydrating Conditioner and Moisturizing Leave In.


The Sulfate Free Rehabilitation Shampoo contains paw paw, pumpkin, French green clay, and the Hot Tresses signature blend of castor seed, coconut and ylang ylang oils.  Working together, these ingredients actively cleanse, exfoliate, detox and stimulate your scalp and prepare your hair for maximum absorption of the highly bio-available proteins that follow during the next two Hot Tresses sequence steps.  Just apply a small amount to your palm and massage through your wet hair, focusing on your scalp before rinsing out.


The Intensive Hydrating Rehabilitation Conditioner uses a fusion of anti-aging, biologically active, cosmeceutical ingredients such as lactobacillus/pumpkin ferment extract, vitamins E and B as well as hemp, quinoa proteins, scalp nurturing rosemary, ylang ylang, castor seed and coconut oils which gently unravel knots and smooth frizz.  You can use this two different ways:  

  • Option 1:  Following shampooing, apply a good coating to your hair, making sure to massage it all the way to the ends and rinse as you would a conditioner.
  • Option 2:  Smear throughout your hair, spritz with water, pull your tresses into a Hot Pony or Hot Bun and wear as a mask during your workout/while in the sunshine.  Then simply rinse off.  Your body heat will deepen the treatment and preserve the natural oils between washes.


Moisturizing Rehabilitation Leave In is a light weight, nutrient dense moisturizer that helps break dependency on heat styling. Quinoa hemp proteins boost keratin levels and strengthen the hair shaft.  Castor seed, coconut, rosemary and ylang ylang oils smooth and de-frizz.  Vitamins B and E give hair a supplement boost to stimulate growth, while the highly organic botanicals create shine.  Castor seed oil has been used for centuries as an elixir for thinning hair.  It makes hair thicker, longer and stronger.  To use, apply a small amount to your palm and spread  it evenly through your wet hair.  Focus on the ends and avoid your scalp.  Allow your hair to air dry and the style it as usual.  If you put your hair in a bun or braid it before you go to bed, you'll have heat free waves when you wake up!

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