Thursday, March 25, 2021

Oral Spray Vitamins

I received these products from Marz Labs for review.  If you want to take your vitamins, but are tired of swallowing pills, switch to a more effective, faster acting oral spray vitamin.

Spray vitamins give you 4X the absorption over pills.  It works faster (sprays are in your bloodstream in less than 5 minutes), has less chemicals and tastes far better with its tropical fruit flavor!  It's gluten free, soy free, vegan, has zero calories, no added sugar and is made in the USA.

I received the Marz+ Trio, which retails for $80 and contains one Shine, one Sleep and one Slim Spray.  Each can retails for $30 each and is a 30 day supply.  It also comes with a bonus clutch that's valued at $20!

Marz+ Shine Spray gives you sustained energy with 5x B12.  This
clinic approved formula will improve your focus and concentration.  With the compact size of the can, you can easily carry it with you and give your body a lasting energy boost even when you're on the go.  It's ideal for vegans to use to naturally replace the B12 that's usually gotten from meat, fish, and dairy.  To use, shake well and then spray up to 10 times into your mouth or any drink as needed.  Because each person's body is unique, you may need to experiment to find the right number of sprays for you.


Marz+ Sleep Spray contains cherry juice, which is a natural melatonin.  This spray can help improve your sleep cycle, allowing you to get a restful sleep and wake up fresh.  It's perfect for people who work odd hours, travelers who need help managing jet lag and for those who simply struggle with sleeplessness.  And because you're not taking pills (which you typically need to take water with to swallow them), you'll reduce your liquid intake before bed, diminishing the need to wake for toilet visits during sleep.  You can use a half dose of Sleep Spray to help you reduce stress, relax and calm your nerves.  It can also help you manage your weight because not enough sleep is known to slow down weight loss efforts.  To use shake well and spray up to 7 times into your mouth or any drink, as needed. 


Marz+ Slim Spray is an effective appetite suppressant.  It

was developed for weight loss patients in LA medical weight loss clinics to help them to eliminate their food cravings.  Of course, there's no miracle way to lose weight , but studies show that if you eat less and cut out snacking, you will increase and fast track your weight loss goals.  Slim will help you do that.  Just use it throughout the day as a snack replacement tool and reduce your meal portion sizes 5 mins before each meal to suppress your appetite.  Not only is Slim Spray a natural, convenient and fast acting way to lose weight, it's also packed with vitamins!  Some of these vitamins are:  A, B-12, D, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea, Guarnana Seed, 5HTP and Chromium Picolinate.  To use between meals and to replace snacks as needed, shake well and spray up to 10 times into your mouth or any drink.

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