Saturday, March 27, 2021

New Games For Your Easter Family Game Night

I received these products from Amigo Games for review.  If you visit their website, you will find tons of awesome games, and I was so excited when I received Playin' Possum, None of A Kind and Bear Down!  As you know, my family is big on Family Game Night, so I'm always excited when we get to try out some new games!  All Amigo Games are available at most major retailers and on Amazon.  You can use the STORE FINDER on the Amigo Games website to find a store near you that carries them.

Playin' Possum is a 2-10 player game and it's recommended for ages 8 and over.  The average game time is 10 minutes, so this is an excellent choice for family game night.  When playing this game,
you'll need to figure out what the other players are thinking while you secretly select cards that will let you grab valuable trash cards... or knock your opponents out of the game!  It's a wholesome, trashy party game for family and friends that's easy to learn.  There's lots of social interaction, which is something we really need right now.  Playing this game is kind of like playing a 10 player version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Whether you have a large group, or just a couple of players, it's equally as fun!

Inside this adorable green plastic trashcan container you will find 30 linen finish Possum Cards and 25 linen finish Garbage Cards.  You'll have a blast playing Playin' Possum with your family and friends as you race to be the first to grab three pieces of trash, or to be the last possum standing!

None of a Kind is recommended for ages 7 and over.  It's a 2-6 player game that has an average game time of 15 minutes.  It's a challenging NO-MATCH brainteaser game that, with repeated play, will help increase your brain's processing speed.

This multi-player brainteaser game is designed to befuddle and strengthen your brain.  The action is constant, no waiting on turns.  Each card has three attributes: the written color, the printed color and the number of times the word appears.  Everyone plays at once as you race to match up cards that don't match.  It sounds easy, but it's surprisingly challenging.  It may say "blue," but it's printed in red... so search your cards for the ones that don't share any of the attributes.  None of a Kind is based on The Stroop Test, which is one of the most cited papers in experimental psychology.  It studies the relationship between the brain’s processing speed and executive functions, focusing on regions of the brain involved in planning, decision making and managing real world interference, such as multi-tasking.  In other words, playing None of a Kind improves your brain’s processing speed!

Inside the box you will find 80 linen finish Color Cards, 30 linen finish Point Cards and illustrated instructions.  None of a Kind is so much fun that you won't even realize that you're strengthening your brain as you play!

Bear Down! is recommended for ages 6 and over.  This 2-4 player game has an average game time of 20 minutes.  It uses s
trategy that's simple enough for kids, yet still engaging enough for parents to enjoy.

In this easy to learn family game, you’ll need to navigate a raging river as you race to catch the most fish.  On each turn, slide in water tiles to make the river flow, jump salmon up the waterfall, and move your bear.  You'll need to use strategy to block other bears, while figuring out when to risk moving to the edge of the waterfall.  As the game goes on that’s where the most fish will be, but if you get too close and the river washes you over it’s bear down!  You’ll lose your fish and end up “bear handed!”

Bear Down comes with 4 Bear Playing Pieces, 4 Bear Stands, 5 Wooden Fish/Water Dice, 4 Bear Markers, 70 Water Tiles, 53 Fish Tokens, 1 Folding Game Board, 2 Game Markers and illustrated instructions.

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