Sunday, March 28, 2021

Everything You Need to Craft Cocktail Classics, in One Convenient Tin

I received these products from Cocktail Kits 2 Go for review.  For $16.95 each, you can get a tin that contains everything you need to mix your favorite cocktail...just add your own spirits.  These tins are travel size, so you can take them with you anywhere!  They have tins for several different cocktails.  The ones that I received are Champagne Cocktail, Moscow Mule and Margarita.

Each travel friendly kit includes the premium ingredients and instructions you need to craft and enjoy four Cocktails anywhere.  Just add the spirit.  Whether you want to bring the kit with you as a carry on during your next flight, surprise a fellow worker with a classy gift or impress your friends and family with fine drinks at your next gathering, Cocktail Kits 2 Go has you covered!

The Champagne Cocktail Kit includes
aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, recipe and a champagne flute charm.  All you have to do is add champagne and you'll have four delicious Champagne Cocktails.


If a Moscow Mule is more your thing, this kit contains the moscow mule elixir, sugar cubes, crystalized lime, recipe and muddler spoon.  Add your favorite vodka, top with soda water and you're all set!

Or perhaps your prefer a classic Margarita... this kit includes the margarita elixir, sugar cubes, crystalized lime, recipe and muddler spoon.  All you need to add is tequila!

With the cute little cocktail tins, you can enjoy your favorite cocktails no matter where you are!

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