Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A Gift For A Valentine Who Has A Green Thumb

I received this product from Hohbeestore for review.  Hohbeestore represents Midorie, a new to the USA market company that is introducing the latest trend in creating awareness for a green environment. It's called Pafcal, and it's an amazing Japanese technology for growing plants that requires zero soil.  Using Pafcal is a much cleaner way to plant, and it's also easier to care for the plants.

Pafcal is an organic product, made with the latest technology from Toyota Suntory Company of Japan, in an effort to create a greener environment.  This set comes with a small, a medium and a large seed starter, all neatly nested together in a stack.  Pafcal is both recyclable and sustainable.  Tests have proven that Pafcal will last for 10 years and that it's non-flammable.  You can use Pafcal indoors as well as outdoors.


Pafcal is a ground breaking material that combines sponge and ground matter with 70% air and 30% water (normal soil only retains 30% air).  With that much of air, there's a lot of space and room for plants to spread out their roots and grow within Pafcal.  Pafcal allows you to place a plant in a pot without the time, effort or mess of planting it in soil.  These plants are much easier to care for because you don't need a strict watering schedule to adhere to.

Pafcal is very popular for people who love vertical gardening because it's incredibly light weight.  It's perfect to use to create a beautiful garden wall with.

If your Valentine is someone who loves growing plants, this would be the perfect gift idea! 

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