Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Delicious Chocolates Handmade With The Finest Ingredients

I received these products from Mariebelle for review.  Since everyone loves chocolate, Mariebelle is the perfect place to get your Valentine's Day gifts!

This 72% Dark Chocolate With Banana Bar is absolutely delicious and it melts in your mouth!  For $5, you get a delicious 40g bar packaged in a Cacao Market themed box. 
These elegant chocolate bars represent the best of every variety of cacao.  It has 72% dark chocolate and it comes with banana pieces.  Is there a better flavor combination than dark chocolate and bananas?  YUM!

This 4pc Brownie Tin is priced at $18.  As a self proclaimed Brownie fanatic, I can tell you that these brownies taste absolutely amazing!  You get 4 pieces of rich, kosher ganache brownies in this super elegant blue and gold MarieBelle tin.  Once you've eaten the brownies, you'll want to keep the tin to save your small treasures in.  Unless you have kids, like I do, that is.  My daughter snatched the empty tin and claimed it for herself!  But we were talking about brownies...
These absolutely delectable handcrafted chocolate ganache brownies are topped with thick chocolate chunks, to give them extra texture and richness.  They're made from the freshest ingredients, and can be eaten at room temperature for up to 3 weeks!

Browse the Mariebelle website to see their full selection of goodies.  And just a tip... when you order something for a Valentine gift, make sure you order one for yourself too!  Otherwise, the gift might not make it to your Valentine because you won't be able to resist eating it yourself!

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