Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Flowers That Will Never Wilt or Die

I received this product from Unwilted for review.  If you love flowers, but are always sad when they wilt and die, you'll love Unwilted.  Each flower, leaf and stem is crafted from artisanal Italian crepe paper.  They will never wilt, never die...they'll always be beautiful.  And you will be absolutely amazed when you see them because they are gorgeous!  So send an Unwilted bouquet to your Valentine!

Each flower is a hand made work of art.  No two are alike.  But they look so realistic, you'll be surprised to discover that they are paper.  

The detail of each flower is amazing.  The delicate curve of each petal is expertly created.  

The centers of the flowers and the leaves look real.  Unwilted's botanical interpretations mimic natural forms, but a closer inspection reveals the true ingenuity of their art...the subtle folds, crinkles, cuts and creases combined with modern colors to produce stunning blooms that stand on their own.  Their arrangements are masterfully crafted with stunning detail that you’ll have to see to believe.  And when you see, you won't believe it.

 My bouquet came with this beautiful vase to display them in.  

Even the stems look real!  Unwilted flowers are a great alternative to real flowers because they will last forever.  It's also great for people with allergies.  Because these flowers are made of paper, there's nothing to trigger allergies.  

Order an Unwilted bouquet for your Valentine today.  She will absolutely love it!

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