Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Traditional Japanese Superfood Drink

I received this product from R's KOSO for review.  This is a century old traditional Japanese superfood juice cleanse drink that is rich in Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics.  It's the only 100% natural supplement on the market that provides balanced nutrition and has been proven to improve gut health and to boost immunity.

“Koso” means enzyme or ferment in Japanese.  R's KOSO is an essential part of the Japanese style of juice cleanses or intermittent fasting.  It's made from over 100 vegetables, fruits, and plants (including seaweeds and mushrooms).  It undergoes about 1 year of the fermentation process.  You can use it as a daily supplement or a cleansing and fasting aid.  R's KOSO is a great way to reset your digestive system, and to restore your microbiome health.

I was skeptical at first, expecting it to taste bad...I mean, if it's good for you it has to taste bad, right?  Wrong!  It actually has a pleasant flavor, like a sweet Japanese Plum juice.  Mixing is with sparkling water makes it taste like sweet plum soda.  

There are three different recommended cleanse routines for you to try.  They are:
  • Breakfast Koso Cleanse:  Simply replace your breakfast routine with a single serving of R's KOSO. 
  • 1 Day Koso Cleanse:  Replace all 3 meals with 3-5 servings of R's KOSO each day. 
  • 3 Day Koso Cleanse:  Replace all 3 meals each day for 3 days with 3-5 servings of R's KOSO.
They recommend that you begin with the breakfast cleanse to give your body time to adjust, then work your way up to the 3 day cleanse.  You'll be amazed how much better you feel!

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