Sunday, January 31, 2021

Everything You Need to Celebrate at Home, All in One DIY Kit

I received these products from Thinkin 'N' Fun NYC for review.  This is a great company that will provide you with a DIY Kit to make it easy to Celebrate a birthday, holiday or special event in the comfort of your home.  And I just received an awesome Valentine's Day themed one!

For just $35 (shipping included), you can create a Valentine's Day celebration in the comfort of your home, without having to run around to a bunch of stores to get the things that make it fun for your child.  Think 'N' Fun kits include everything you need.

Inside the kit I found two adorable Valentine Buddy plush toys.  I love the little hearts on their tummies that say "Me" and "You"!  So cute!  There was also a Valentine gift bag with candy and bubbles, a felt craft kit to make up to four small Valentine decorations with glue, a box of crayons, Valentine themed games, activities and coloring sheets and a mini air filled Valentine balloon.

These kits are the perfect way to have Valentine’s Day fun with kids age 8 and under.  You can also send kits to friends and family so they can enjoy the fun as well!  It's a great way to connect and celebrate during these unusual times we find ourselves living in.  And they're not just limited to Valentine's Day... you can get kits for Easter, Halloween and other holidays.  You can even have a kit made for a custom event!  So if you're looking for something to make a day a little more special and fun for your kids, Think 'N' Fun is the perfect choice for you! 

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