Sunday, January 31, 2021

Perfect Drinks for a Romantic Valentine's Day

I received these products from Moonlight Meadery for review.  They produce over 100 varieties mead, cider and beer.  


In case you're not familiar with mead, it's a delicious, sweet wine that's mad from honey.  These meads from Moonlight Meadery are all gluten free and have an extended shelf life.  But best of all, when you serve it to your sweetie on Valentine's Day, you'll be serving up Romance by the Glass.


Midnight Meadery has given their meads fun names.  I'm glad they didn't give them ordinary, run of the mill names because these meads deserve to be called something special.  This one is called "No Need To Argue".  It's a deliciously rich Cranberry Mead that won Best of Show at the 2019 San Diego International Beer Competition.  It's the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness that comes together in harmonious flavor.

Wild is a light and refreshing blueberry mead that's made from unprocessed wildflower honey and wild mountain grown blueberries.  It's perfect to serve with a cheese plate and grilled steak.


Sensual is made with an award winning recipe that showcases honey that is aromatic, flavorful and deliciously sweet with a long lasting smooth finish.  You can enjoy it with any dish, especially spicy food.  It's great to serve slightly chilled or over ice on a hot summer night.

Paramour is a
masterful blend of honey, blackberries, blueberries, black cherries and currants.  You'll love the full bodied and juicy flavor that goes great with any spicy or rich flavored dish, curries or spiced meal.


Mischief is a playful blackberry mead. The deep, decadent blackberry flavor integrates perfectly with the rich wildflower honey.  Drinking this may leave you feeling mischievous, so it's a perfect drink to share with your love.

The 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Kurts Apple Pie is an apple mead that's made with Vietnamese cinnamon and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.  It has all of the great apple, vanilla and cinnamon flavors you love... and so much more.

RAZZ What She Said has a deep and rich flavor of luscious raspberry and honey.  It's bright and sparkling with an off pink head and a pleasing semi-sweet finish.


Sam's Strawberry is a semi-sweet and bubbly session mead in a can.  And look how adorable the can is with the golden retriever surrounded by apples!

Little Apples is made from the finest New England apples.  This is a hard apple cider that's been aged in rye whiskey barrels.  It has a flavor that's light and crisp with a balanced acidity.

Moonlight Meadery has lots more to offer... browse their website to see their full selection.  You're sure to find the perfect drink for your Romantic Valentine's Day!

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