Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Coolest Thing You Didn't Realize You Needed

 I received this product from The Claire Life for review.

The Kitchen Soap Saddle makes it easy to keep your kitchen sink neat and tidy.  It
was designed to have both soap and a cleaning utensil in one easy to use location.  This frees up your counter space so you can easily wipe it off without having to move a ton of stuff.  It fits neatly in the center of the sink, keeping it out of the way, yet easily accessible.  

It has a soap bottle with a dispenser top and a pocket space to hold a cleaning sponge or something of that nature.  Your counter will look much better with your soap and sponge neatly organized in the kitchen soap saddle.

There are three different colors of Kitchen Soap Saddle choose from:  white, black and marble.  Choose the one that matches your kitchen decor best, or get one of each and switch them out periodically.  This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone on your list. 

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