Thursday, December 24, 2020

Add More Nutrients to Your Food with Enspice

I received these products from Enspice for review.  Enspice offers delicious spices to use in your every day cooking.  But these aren't ordinary spices...they are enhanced with 21 vitamins and minerals.  So each time you sprinkle a little of these spices on your food, you are adding essential nutrients as well!  So it's spices, but better for you.  The company also has a big heart!  They donate a nutritious meal to a child in need for every container of enspice that is sold!

I was lucky enough to receive an Everything Bundle, which is priced at $60.  It contains one of each spice that Enspice offers.  It's for those who believe in making any meal tasty and nutritious, and those who seek a vibrant pantry.  There are six different spices included and each tasty blend is packed with 21 plant based vitamins and minerals, making nutrition just a dash away.  

Sri Lankan Cinnamon is the tastiest cinnamon you’ve ever had.  It's perfect for baking, oatmeal and even cinnamon toast!

This Black Pepper is black peppercorns ground to perfection.  Perfect to season meats, soups and any other food.

This Seasoned Salt is s
alt that’s a little more fun, and lot more nutritious.  This stuff tastes awesome sprinkled over a juicy steak or chicken breast.

If you love seafood, you're going to love Cape Cod.  It brings out the flavors in the fish without disguising it.  It's seafood’s new best friend.

Grab this Taco Seasoning the next time you decide to have a taco night.  You'll love it!


Whether cooking on the grill or inside, Chipotle BBQ goes perfectly with any cut of meat.  It's smoky, sweet, and a little bit of heat.

I love using Enspice because it not only tastes great, it adds tons of vitamins and minerals to your diet as well.

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