Thursday, December 10, 2020

Take Your Senses on a Vacation to Exotic Places With These Candles

I received these products from Amor Más for review.  With the travel restrictions currently in effect, many people are longing for exotic vacations and get aways.  While your traveling options are limited, you can take your senses on a world tour if you want to!  Give the people on your gift list a "vacation in a jar" with these candles.  Each scent is meticulously crafted to spark wanderlust and fill your home with a luxurious, intoxicating aroma.  The scents are inspired by destinations, like Morocco and Brazil...places the creators have traveled to and explored.  They build a custom scent around certain aspects of the destination that sets it apart.  The candles are then hand poured and allowed to cure for several days before being test burned for performance and quality.


The smell of the Zanzibar Wanderlust Candle will transport your mind to a vibrant and colorful market lined with ornate tapestries, a rainbow assortment of local spices and the unforgettable aroma of fragrant teas in the city of Zanzibar.  This candle encapsulates the experience unlike any other, teasing your senses with unique top notes of jasmine petals and Tahitian vanilla.  Your nose will also detect the complex notes of African pear, white jasmine and white sandalwood, followed by the spicy notes of cinnamon bark, clove leaf and spiced rum.  When you light this candle and close your eyes, you can almost hear the bustling marketplace full of merchants and customers.  

The spicy, dark fragrance, of the Carrara Wanderlust Candle smells like a fresh, tropical breeze in the heart of a Caribbean paradise.  Notes of lush coconut cream and cilantro fill the air, followed by the fruity notes of pineapple and lychee.  Floral narcissus wafts in, joined by the base notes of spicy cardamom and coumarin, creating an intoxicating scent that will bring island life right to your doorstep.  Let this Carrara candle carry your thoughts on a beautiful Caribbean island getaway, as you leave all of your stress and worries behind.

The Amalfi Reed Diffuser delivers a refreshingly clean fragrance that is inspired
by the crisp, aromatic breeze of a Mediterranean paradise.  The aroma of zesty lemon citrus pairs perfectly with the smells of fresh linen and clean ozone.  With the smells of an early morning breeze on the Italian coast, you'll almost feel the gentle caress of air on your face.  You'll revel in the scent of lemon trees and air-dried laundry wafting through your home.  Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation as you imagine yourself breathing the fresh air of the Amalfi coast.

Amor Más offers many candles and other products that can carry you on a much needed journey to many exotic and beautiful destinations.  All you need to do is close your eyes and let the frangrances fuel your imagination.

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