Saturday, December 12, 2020

Test Your Improv Skills With This Awesome Game

I received this product from Improv Against Normality for review.  If you love getting together with family and friends for a game night, this is a must have for your game collection!

The Improv Against Normality game is a great way to connect with the your family and friends, through the joy of laughter, play and showing off your improvisational skills by acting out the scenes and situations described on the cards.

For a retail price of $39, you get a box of 500 cards consisting of five decks of 100 cards each (Scenarios, Characters, Objects/Activities, Locations and Secret/Wants).  You need three or more players to play, and it's recommended for ages 12 and up.  

To begin play, choose a Director to set the scene and other players who will role play a card of their choice, bringing the who, the what, the where and/or the why to each scene.  The belly busting laughter you create with your friends and family will last for minutes or hours, depending on how long you want to continue playing.  

You can modify the rules as you play...trying different rule variations, like these examples taken from their website:

WALLFLOWER CLAUSE - Players that haven’t had stage time in the game may be called out to play out a scene.

GUESS IT – Play your cards face down and have the judges guess which WHO/WHAT/WHERE/or WHY you're acting out.

ADD ON SCENE – This "everyone plays" option for the game has all players cycle through and play a scene, 2 people at a time.


Regardless of how you choose to play the game, everyone will have a blast.  Try it for your next game night and see for yourself!

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