Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Beautiful Reminder of a Personal Intention

I received these products from MaeMarie for review.  Their Intention Wraps are beautiful strings of beads that can be wrapped into bracelets or necklaces.  They even have smaller ones that can be worn as rings!


While wrapping the beads, think about something that you would like to do and set a personal intention to do it.  As you wear the Intention Wrap, it will remind you of your intention each time you notice it.  When you get a glimpse of your tiny gems, when you feel it on your wrist or around your finger, or when friends and family comment on it, you'll be gently reminded of your intention.

The Fuel Luxe in Silver:  Authority, Rebellion, Sophistocation

Every MaeMarie Intention Wrap is an original, made in the USA, hand strung creation slightly different than any others, making it a truly personal one of a kind piece.  Once the wrap is on, it feels weightless; therefore, days, weeks or months may pass before you take it off.

The Twilight Luxe in Silver:  Illumination, Radiance, Brilliance, Gleam

MaeMarie Intention Wraps make great Christmas gifts.  They're available in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find the perfect one for each person on your gift list.  And they're perfect as stocking stuffers.

Pure Signature in Silver:  Wholesome, Honest, Sincere

Use the MaeMarie Intention Wraps to help you follow through with your intentions and accomplish the things that you set out to do.  Wearing this beautiful jewelry will keep your intentions fresh in your mind, so you don't get sidetracked and forget them.  Each wrap is individually hand strung with care in the USA, on a durable nylon cord for long term wear.  Each wrap contains 1,800 cut/round European glass beads accented with cut 24kt gold plated or sterling silver beads. Each wrap also has a Vermeil gold or 925 sterling silver branding bead and a gold filled or sterling silver crimp cover. With versatile styling that's perfect for wearing around the neck, wrist, ankle, and fingers, this will easily become a favorite among the gifts received!

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