Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Bracelets That Double As Hair Ties

I received these products from L'Duex for review.  After noticing that many women were going about their day with a rubber band around their wrist, Vickie Adamson (the founder of L'Duex) decided to come up with something more stylish. I'm sure the men reading this are wondering why women would wear rubber bands on their wrists, but women get it.  The rubber band is there in case you need to put your hair up.  We women like to be prepared, and if the need for a hair tie arises, we like to be ready. 


Vickie created a line of beautiful elasticized bracelets that look awesome on the wrist. They're fashionable and elegant, but when the need arises, it's a fully functional hair tie that looks equally as beautiful in your hair.  Each bracelet features a gorgeous stone or pendant with prices starting at $26.  


Why would you wear an unattractive rubber band when you can wear something like this beautiful piece of jewelry? Because these are all natural stones, the size, shape and color will vary, meaning that no two will be exactly alike.  You will have a one of a kind piece of jewelry!


These effortlessly stylish bracelets are perfect for everyday wear.  Women of all ages will love wearing these at the gym, shopping or running errands. They'll attract compliments and everyone will want to know where they can get some for themselves.


You're going to love these so much that you'll want one in every color. Match them up to your outfit and never get caught without a hair tie again. You can even wear them for more formal occasions because they are exquisite.


These are an excellent Christmas gift idea and would be perfect for stocking stuffers! Women always need hair ties, and it's so frustrating when you need one, but can't find one. L'Duex is an elegant and beautiful fashion accessory, but it will convert to a hair tie the second you need it to!

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