Thursday, December 17, 2020

Turn an Ordinary Cane into a Fashion Accessory

I received these products from Sweetmobility for review.  If you rely on a cane to maintain your mobility, you'll love this product.  It lets you turn your ordinary cane into a fashion statement.  It's called CaneWraps, and it wraps around your cane to turn it into a beautiful statement of style.  They are perfect as Christmas gifts, and with a retail price of $26 each, they're affordable enough to gift them in a variety of styles!

CaneWraps are available in variety of classic prints, bold colors and beautiful styles, making it easy to match your outfit or mood.  Each wrap has a label hidden inside where you can write your name, address and phone number.  If you ever lose your cane, whoever finds it will seen your info when they unsnap the wrap, making it easy for them to return it to you.  There is also a reflective strip to make you more visible at night when it's dark.

It's super easy to attach the wrap to your cane.  Just snap the top around the cane, then slide your fingers down along the velcro strip so it attaches, and then snap it at the bottom.  That's all there is to it!  Your cane is all dressed up and ready to go!

The Rosie Glow CaneWrap is a
fresh mix of pink, lavender and orange bursts that creates a beautiful modern day floral pattern.  This is one of the patterns that I was lucky enough to receive, and it's perfect for my Mom to use when she goes to church.  The colors match many of her dresses, keeping her stylish and fashionable.

When Mom gets tired of the Rosie Glow pattern, she can switch up her look with this Mary's Garden CaneWrap.  It is equally as beautiful and stylish, and Mom receives tons of compliments when she uses it.

Using CaneWraps has made Mom far less self conscious about using her cane because she now thinks of it as a fashion accessory.  And she's already asking for more patterns to match her wardrobe!

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