Sunday, November 29, 2020

Learn the Books and Teachings of the Bible With This Board Game

I received this product from Otunumen Productions for review.  It can be purchased directly from their website, or on Amazon.

You can easily learn the books and teachings of the Bible through The Word Board Game that's based on the King James Version of the Bible.  You can play alone, with family and friends, or in teams.  

To begin the game, each player takes turns spinning the spinner and and moving their game pawn the number shown on the spinner. Each player must begin counting from Genesis before passing the wheel to the next player.  

If a player lands on the space labeled “Pick a Card,” they must take a card from the “IN” box and read it out loud to all of the other players.  When they're finished, they must put the card face down on the “OUT” box, then recite from memory the Bible verse they just read.  If they recite the verse correctly, they spin the spinner again to leave the “Pick a Card” box before passing the spinner to the next player.

If they fail to recite the Bible verse on the card correctly, they lose a turn and must pass the spinner to the next player immediately.  The first player to move from Genesis to Revelation wins the game.  You can move forward, or backward, or to specific books of the Bible as specified in the box that you land on.

This is a wonderful game to play with your Bible study group, family or friends!  

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