Sunday, November 29, 2020

A New Level of Sensuality

I received these products from HighOnLove for review.  High On Love’s oil blends are transforming romance, bringing a new level of sensuality to skin care.  From blissful bath oils to luxurious massage candles and the brand’s cult fav Stimulating Oil, each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.  The HighOnLove line is a feat of alchemy, elevating self care and intimacy for a discerning clientele.

Discover the magic of the new HighOnLove Dry Body Oil, which is priced at $45.  It provides non-greasy nourishment for your skin and hair that absorbs quickly for all the glow and no unwanted shine.  Thanks to the added benefits of cannabis seed oil – containing essential fatty acids, including omega 3s and omega 6s – this Dry Body Oil blend softens and hydrates skin to make you feel like a goddess.  Show your skin some love!  HighOnLove products contain no soaps, parabens, allergens or colorants.

Combining sexy and pleasure, HighOnLove’s Lip Gloss For Couples was designed to plump and hydrate the lips, making them feel irresistibly kissable. It also enhances foreplay by increasing sensitivity and exciting the intimate areas.  This lip gloss is priced at $22 and is something that both partners will enjoy!

The art of play and making love takes a new meaning with HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint.  Designed as an aphrodisiac in itself, this luscious and rich dark chocolate is made with premium grade hemp seed oil, giving couples a satisfying taste for more.  The effects of HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint takes intimacy to a whole other level by releasing euphoric sensations and pure delight.  Inspired by the distinguished chocolatiers in Brussels, this Chocolate Body Paint is made with 100% natural ingredients.  It's made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality and is affordably priced at $35.

Discover the magic of HighOnLove products as you experience a new level of sensuality.

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