Saturday, November 7, 2020

Learn the basics of Photography

I received access to this course from ExpertPhotography for review.  I have always loved to take photos.  So much so that my family gets tired of me pointing a camera at them all the time (yet they are very happy to have so many photos of family and friends taken through the years).  I have always been able to take decent photos...I'm able to center them and it's extremely rare for me to get my finger in front of the lens (that's something my Mom has always tended to do - sorry Mom ha ha!).  But I really don't know anything about photography other than point the camera and click to take the picture.  So I was thrilled to be offered the chance to take this course:  Photography for Beginners.

Photography for Beginners teaches you the basics of photography.  The course is priced at $297, and is comprised of 41 video lectures.  It will teach you the basics of using a camera, as well as how to master the essential photography techniques.  And you get to learn this in the comfort of your own home!


This course will teach you how to take beautiful, sharp photos so you will never again miss a shot, or worse yet, snap the photo only to have it turn our dull or blurry.  You'll learn to understand exposure, aperture and shutter speed.  You'll also learn about your camera's settings and complete composition.

The course will give you expert tips on photographing landscapes, proven techniques for professional portrait photography, secrets for stunning sunset photos and steps for sensational sunrise photos.  You'll learn how to take epic low light photos, beautiful black and white photos, and mesmerizing night photos.  If you have ever wanted to learn more about photography, and how to consistently take awesome photos, this course if for you.  The videos are easy to understand and follow as they walk you through every aspect of photography that beginners find challenging.

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