Saturday, November 7, 2020

Delicious Coffees of the World

I received this product from Ciel for review.  They offer exclusive, unique, small lot coffees from the World's elite growers.  From the world’s most elite coffee estates to your cup, you can be assured that each and every coffee within Ciel's Portfolio is the most exceptional and highest quality available.  Flavorful, sweet, refined and delicate.  The signature taste of Ciel is ultimately what leads to elegantly smooth coffee, perfect for savoring.  Ciel is pleased to present the exclusive selections from places like Panama, Ethiopia and Brazil.  These are the only coffees in the world to bear the name "Cafe Prive Select". All quantities are extremely limited.  I received the Kenya AA Meru Gichugene.

Kenya AA Meru Gichugene is priced at $24 for an 8.4 oz package.  With flavor notes of red fruit, nutmeg and darjeeling tea, this coffee is delicious.  This coffee makes a great gift, as it's roasted to order, beautifully packaged, vacuum sealed and comes accompanied by an enlightening and informative coaster.

Meru County is on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya and that is where you will find the Nyambene Hills.  These Hills are home to Gichugene, a boutique coffee mill under fastidious management.  The farmers and staff of this mill are all cross trained on the methods of farming, processing and storing coffee, which includes managing the soil’s pH levels, water cleanliness and sustainable farming practices.  This additional effort is apparent in the cup and caught the attention of Kavi Bailey, a Kenya native who grew up in the US.  As a Wall Street finance executive, she found herself conducting an economic study of the Kenyan coffee auction system and realized she had the connections, and deep desire, to assist the exceptional coffee producers she encountered.  Her deliberate actions have not only uncovered true gemstones for desirous coffee drinkers, but have also created far superior prices for the farmers who produce these exceptional coffees.  She has since left "The Street" and works exclusively to improve the economics of how coffee is transacted in Kenya.  Ciel is pleased to participate in presenting Kenya AA Meru Gichugene to their customers.


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