Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Share Your Smile While Still Keeping Yourself Safe

I received these products from ZShield for review.  This year, the holidays will look a lot different.  With the pandemic restrictions still in force, we all need to make concessions.  The mask mandates mean that we all need to wear a mask when we venture out.  But masks can be uncomfortable with prolonged wear, not to mention the fact that it's so impersonal.  Social interaction suffers because we can't see facial expressions, and we can't exchange smiles as we go about our way.  Some people have health problems that hinders their ability to wear a mask.  So what do you do, when you need the protection of a mask, but are not able to wear one?  ZShield is the solution.


ZShield is a clear Face Shield that clasps at the neck and puts a barrier between you and the world.  Your airflow is not restricted, and people can see your face.  It's comfortable and lightweight, tilts down whenever you like, and allows you to share your smile!  It's especially beneficial for people who need to wear a mask several hours a day, like doctors, nurses, teachers, students, etc.

The ZShield allows workers to breathe easily and clearly communicate while protecting themselves and customers.  ZShield Wrap creates an effective barrier between the user’s face and the faces of customers or students during any interaction that requires close contact.  The ZShield Wrap is priced at $22.99 and the ZShield Flex is priced at $19.99, but you get discounts if you buy larger quantities.


ZShield provides complete facial protection and can be comfortably worn for many hours.  It's customer friendly for those working in a service industry because it allows visibility of facial expressions for verbal and non-verbal communication.  It redirects the bi-directional airflow and can be easily adjusted up for active engagement and down for idle circumstances.  It has a breakaway safety feature that allows it to be quickly attached and detached from neck.  It's ultra lightweight and has minimal noticeability because it forms to the user’s neck and chest.  It's a wonderful alternative to cloth masks.

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