Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Great Products for Kids' Home Learning

I received these products from School Zone for review.  They offer at home learning materials that supplement a child's classroom instruction.  Whether you are home schooling, or just want to give your child's learning a boost, their workbooks for grades Pre-K through 6th , and other products will be extremely helpful.  I received several workbooks to help boost my kids' math, spelling and writing skills.

Big Math Grades 1-2 Workbook is priced at $12.99.
  Here’s where it all begins to add up!  Early math skills are also life skills, and the Big Math 1-2 Workbook is packed with exercises that make learning fun.  These proven activities will help your child be successful in school by teaching addition, subtraction, story problems, time, money, fractions, multiplication and more.  Imagination meets real world problem solving.

Big Spelling Grades 1-3 Workbook is priced at $12.99.  How can 26 letters spell big success?  When a child recognizes and understands letter combinations it gives reading and writing a huge boost.  You can tell it when they can spell it!  The proven activities in Big Spelling 1-3 will help your child be successful in school by teaching spelling patterns, word recognition, letter sounds and more.  With focus on essential first, second and third grade spelling skills and over 300 pages of practice, your child will work and learn for many happy hours.

Cursive Writing Grades 3-4 Workbook is priced at $3.99.  Many schools no longer teach cursive writing, so I think this one is super important.  Going loopy with letters!  Yes, children learn keyboarding skills early, but research suggests that handwriting continues to help with learning shapes and letters, expressing ideas and boosting fine motor skills.  Plus, cursive handwriting is almost as one of a kind as a snowflake or fingerprint.  Help your child develop neat, legible distinctive “connected writing,” with this focused workbook.  Writing practice combines with quizzes on science, geography, history, literature and more.  Other exercises expand vocabulary and overall language skills.


Math Basics Grade 5 Workbook is priced at $3.99.  Is fifth grade math getting a bit intimidating?  Mastery makes anxiety float away!  Help your child be more at ease with math.  Written and reviewed by mathematics educators, Math Basics 5 covers the important elements in the fifth grade math curriculum and gives kids the tools for solving even the most difficult problems.  Charming illustrations lighten things up!  Practice multiplying 3 numbers, adding fractions with unlike denominators and measuring perimeters and areas, along with lots of other skills.  The workbook is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, a comprehensive set of learning objectives.  It is also consistent with Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, a publication by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and it is compatible with Singapore math pedagogy.  The lessons are sequenced; skills introduced in one lesson build on those taught in previous lessons.  It's an ideal way to introduce, review and maintain essential mid-level math skills and gear up for what’s next.  Get a math edge with the School Zone Advantage!


Math Basics Grade 6 Workbook is priced at $3.99.  Help your middle schooler prepare for higher math.  For this transitional stage in learning, Math Basics 6 builds a bridge, with features designed to summarize or define key concepts, to provide useful strategies and shortcuts, and to suggest ways to identify and avoid potential pitfalls.  This 64 page workbook reviews earlier math skills, as it also helps advance into areas such as geometry and operational order.  Lessons provide practice with a purpose, including word problems that address real life applications of the concepts.  Many activities offer hints and reminders, challenging problems and interesting facts linked to the skills in the lessons.


They also have an online learning platform called Anywhere Teacher that connects children age 2-8 with powerful online learning, no matter where they are or when they feel like learning!  It's designed to align with national education standards and it's fun, safe and ad free.  Anywhere Teacher offers over 2000 guided and self directed activities, and your child can choose to learn through books, flash cards, games, songs, printables, a Play Zone and more.  This is a subscription platform, but you can get a free 30 day trial by entering the coupon code SMARTKIDS when you sign up.  This code will only work when new subscribers sign up for a monthly subscription.  You will need to input your credit card information to get the trial, but your card will not be charged until the free trial of 30 days has expired.  The code will not expire and can be used any time!

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