Sunday, October 25, 2020

Give Your Holiday Dishes a Unique and Distinctive Flavor With Cola Pepper Jelly

I received this product from The Coca-Cola Trail for review.  If you're from the south, then you probably love Cola Pepper Jelly.  Southern folks tend to add it to everything.  It's especially good to glaze a ham with, or to just eat with crackers and cream cheese.

The Coca-Cola Trail uses real Coca-Cola syrup in their Cola Pepper Jelly, giving it quite a delicious and distinctive flavor.  They are currently offering a two jar gift box for $18.  You get two 12 oz jars and a holiday recipe booklet.  

This jelly is so versatile and you can serve it in so many ways.  I recently used it as a sauce for meatballs and it was a big hit.  The flavor complements any kind of meat and any cheese.  It's great on its own as a sauce, and its delicious simply spread over a slice of bread.  I have added it to my meatloaf and used it as a condiment with chicken and pork.  It is always a big hit!  

If you've never tried Cola Pepper Jelly, what are you waiting for?  It will deliver an awesome flavor to all of your holiday dinner dishes.  People will be begging to know your secret ingredient! 

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